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    I´ve played railroad tycoon and transport gigant very intensive. I´ll explain what I want to see in TrainFever.

    1. In Railroad Tycoon it was possible to change terrain height with a digger.

    2. I want to be able to build tunnels and bridges. So in underground there is a tunnel…above there is normal railway track and over the tracks you can build a bridge. That´s what I meant with more then one layer.

    3. I want to build underground railway stations. E.g. In similiar games, when the city was already crowded with houses and streets it was not possible to build a railway station anymore, becuase you couldn´t delete houses and streets that has been build from the computer. Also you couldn´t build a underground station. I would love to build a big underground station which connects citys via a highspeed railwaytrack and also a connects to an regional underground railway system which connects several areas of the same city. Maybe with the possibility to have a look inside the underground station, to see what is going on there.

    4. I want a realistic traintrack simulation which allows you to have signals and which is intelligent enough to produce no deadlocks when asigning more then one train to a single track. 

    5. I think it would be great if you could also build double slip switches / single slip switches. This would greatly reduce the turnout area. Also complicated routes for entry and exit from the train stations should be possible. e.g. Paralelle routes

    6. I would also love to start in 1920 and go forward till 2100 with new trains and tracks appearing.

    7. Please allow to erase houses and streets built from the computer.

    That´s all for the moment.




    1. Currently the terrain forming is done dynamically while building tracks or buildings. The cost of a track is increasing if you’re changing the terrain, depending on changed terrain. If it’s necessary we’ll consider to implement it with a tool.
    2. Bridges are already implemented. Tunnels are on the todo list.
    3. We’ve been discussing underground stations and tracks. At the moment, I can’t tell you more.
    4. Signals are already implemented but need some further polishment. There are going to be multiple signal types, the current version does only support a simple signal type.
    5. Our switch system is going to be very dynamic, but you’ll have to keep your tracks realistic.
    6. Train Fever is going to handle the timescape from 1850 till today. We got some good inputs from fans about future technology. We’ll consider the effort to add some future technology as well.
    7. You will have the possibility to erase houses and streets, but it will affect your cost.


    Wow, this is promising to be the best game. Signaling system, old scenery, freight and 50 vehicles at the initial release. Please take my money sir!


    I think underground stations are very important. In most other games similar to this I’ve relied on underground city hubs to keep an orderly system. Most major cities in the world have train lines that enter under and into their downtown to increase commute times.


    Hello everybody!
    First of all,i would like to say that this game seems to have lot of potentials,you guys are making a great job!!

    I have a lot of questions about the gamepaly,but just to stay in topic i would say that underground stations are,in my opinion, very important to have a realistic play.
    Many rail system have underground stations for faster services and suburban-local services.

    It would be an appreciated option!



    Well about metro – I hope it will be added in after-release DLC, with new infrastructure and trains. A some CityTransport DLC with metros and trolleybuses, you know… 😀

    But, well, don’t forget what underground stations and tunnels is VERY expensive 😉


    Yes,they’re very expensive,but whit underground rail stations we can have a sort of  “light metro”  that would works like a real metro system even if it’s not planned in the initial version on TrainFever!

    It would be really nice and useful!

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