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    Hey all, I just spent ages playing a really good game, I have 100s of millions, and its just turned 1901… Only problem was, I started it with a mod by accident, so I didn’t unlocked that time to start from. Lol bugger.

    Anyway, not sure if it’ll work, but does anyone have an unmodded save for 1899 and 1949, so I can just run it for a year and then hopefully get the achievements. Lol

    In the mean time, I’ll start again. Lol

    Also, is it considered a good game if I make $100m on a USA map by 1874.. With only 4 towns connected and 2 industry chains, or have I discovered an exploit… Lol


    All in all, this is a fun game, still needs work, but I’m enjoying it.

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