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    Hello, I’m playig hard difficulty and no longer have financial concerns. Instead I would try to raise usage percentages.

    Does anyone know what usage percentages really mean ?

    Does anyone know why they vary a lot from one month to the next ?

    Are you able to achieve more than 90% of usage ?

    By the way it would be nice if we had the possibilty to display graphs about line usage evolution (as well as other things like revenues, profit and so on).


    In one of my games, I had 97% in a city. The city had about 2000/2500 population, seven tram lines, two passenger rail lines and a truck freight line. There were between  20 and 30 stops all around the city.

    I think that the % usage relies on how many lines cover your city and how many stops you put in every corner of the city.

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    Usage is, I think, exactly what it says on the tin:

    For every Sim (inhabitant of a city), the game creates a home, a workplace, a place to shop and a place for leisure, all within the 20-minute-radius, including your transport network. Then it simulates the movement of each person: Home -> workplace -> home -> shopping -> home -> leisure -> home. (Or shopping and leisure the other way ’round, don’t remember.)

    If the Sim walks (or drives by car) from home to work, they do not use your line ( = 0 %). If they use your line to get there, the percentage rises.

    I’m not sure whether the percentage means “80% of Sims use your lines at some point during their travels, even if it’s just a small part”, or “on average, all Sims of that city use your lines for 80% of their travels, and walk / drive by car for the rest”.  I’d assume it’s the latter, but that’s just guessing.

    So – as Neldot’s example shows: if you have a very good network that transports Sims between the four places of their routine very efficiently, they will use these lines to a large extent. It’s not just number of stops, though: If the Sim wants to go from A to B but has to drive around town in your bus for a long time because the line is very long with many stops, they might be better off walking.

    Basically, you have to transport people to their destination faster than they could go there on their own.


    I’ve between 90 and 95 in each city.

    If your population is using your passenger facilities to go everywhere they want, you’ll get a higher percentage.

    For a graph, you can take the value you get each month and make your own graph 🙂

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