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    do you plan to implement any kind of used look for TR?

    I would think about aging trains, cars,… .

    Everything could look even more organic with that. I would also differentiate between used look because of age (all game elements e.g. houses, industry, trains, cars,…) and “breakdown look” because of missing maintenance (oil/water spilling out at a locomotive, screaming sound of the engine,…)

    I would propose of adding a gray / used shape, which intensity will just increase over the use time.

    – Think about a 1840 train, which looks brand new, when bought, but might look just old when it is becoming older.

    – Think about a town centre with some houses. When built it looks new, when older,…, but if it is replaced you will get a new looking building again. This would also help the player to detect, which areas of the city are in a good shape and which not. Aging might be coupled with occupants, who are using the TR network. So if there is no connection, houses might faster get old.

    – Think also about the railroad track and the direct surroundings.

    Just an idea.

    Have fun




    That would be a great idea!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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