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    Variety of products is required. All produce only one type of product. No trade between cities. No demand. No shipments between cities. I get bored.


    Yes and No.  The products can trade between cities.  I have one city that has a steel mill, most of its products are shipped to a nearby city.  It also receives alot of products from another nearby city via train.  All products look the same and their destination is pre determined before it leaves the mill.  But it is possible for inter city exchange as products work like people.


    I also think it would be nice if industries shipped to commercial places. Perhaps change generic “goods” to something that industry ships to commercial areas, have a number of processed materials and “industry” will only produce “goods” when they receive 3 or more types of processed materials. Although I think a reworked economic system is something you could get away with putting in a paid DLC, because frankly the base game is adequate as it is in this regard, I wouldn’t expect them to put a bunch of time and effort into creating a whole load of new content for free. it could also maybe include a tweaking of city growth to promote more specialisation. If there’s lots of industry, maybe that would lower residential desirability (makes sense because of pollution). A strong commercial sector could encourage residential growth and availability of “goods” could encourage commercial growth (with industrial growth being promoted by the availability of manufactured goods and transport links). Just some thoughts.


    There is a ‘cargo mod’ that gives you much more variety in freight, however, it does require items to be linked together in order which can become very frustrating due to the totally random placement of industries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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