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    I saw some beta play on you tube.

    This game looks very nice & intersting.

    When i watching towns in the game, they are almost same.

    I think its looks more real, some town have palace,castle,market,big church,surrounded by wall etc…..

    Trains run near castle or church is nice to view!!!

    I hope some more building or object will be added in the future.



    Well at the time the game is still more focused on adding features than optimizing/beautifying the current ones. But I’m sure it’ll be added at a later date, if not we can mod it in! ^_^


    Every Building is procedural produced.

    But I noted that the screenshots from the webpage looking different comparing to beta footage. Please can a beta-tester confirm? Are the skyscraper still available? Also the basement from the industrie-zone looks authentic.


    Honestly, I don’t think anybody knows if skyscrapers are still in the game, it’s really hard to get a big city, and I don’t know if you even get skyscrapers in big cities in the first place.


    Going off what I have seen, all the towns grow with time. Don’t forget we are talking of a time period of almost 200 years. I think that the time structure will reach to about 2050, which gives scope for futuristic vehicles, possibly with add on material.

    There is a video, showing how the towns grow through time and these spawn into large cities with skyscrapers, and much wider roads, like four lane highways.

    Like the vehicles at the start of the game, these start off with horse drawn road vehicles and early steam trains. So buildings will become more modern as time goes on., like the vehicles  that will develop. How all these buildings develop, in the game, depends on what content has been built into the programme from the outset, but I am sure it’s going to be a great game, from what I have seen so far.

    I prefer the early stages really, as it brings back a bit of nostalgia, when the pace of life was not as hectic as it is today, but most of the younger guys amongst you, will probably prefer the more modern era’s, with faster trains and more congested roads etc. But there again, it’s everyone to his own.


    The cities grow a little bit by time. But it really grows if you transport passengers and deliver goods.

    To be fair, we didn’t really see huge cities and skyscrapers because the game lags a lot, so a big network its not really possible. The performance improvement is a still work in progress.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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