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    Not sure if this is how the game is designed but I don’t think my vehicles are spaced correctly. Line 3 shown has 2 stations and 2 trains, should the trains not be at apposite ends of the lines to give equal spacing. This isn’t my only line that works like this, I have another one that has 3 stations and 4 trains but they don’t seem to be spaced evenly. Can provide a savegame if necessary


    Quick bump to see if anyone can comment on this


    Vehicle spacing doesnt even declared as feature.


    Yeah I have the same issue, it can get really annoying with longer lines because the 1st train will pick all the passengers at every station and then the following empty trains will just get stuck behind it.

    I don’t know if this was supposed to be like that but it would definitely be great if the same system that spaces trams and buses was applied to trains.


    There is no vehicle spacing in this game. At least I’ve never seen any in my 40 hours of playing time. You need to space them manually. It takes a lot of time and trial and error. I wish they were spaced automatically, alas, nope.


    you can by using signals. Basically what you do is after your first station you build a signal the length away from that station you want the trains to be separated.


    There is “some” spacing. However, the “average wait time” seems to be what freight uses to determine whether to use the line or not, so even though the delivery is not evenly spaced, the customers behave as if it was.


    problem with spacing is that loading has such an influence on it that trains bunch up behind the one loading the most and thus making it even worse in the process. if the automatic spacing was more aggressive it would work better.


    Vehicle spacing is there but only for road vehicle lines, so busses, trucks and trams.
    To achieve spacing for trains you need to use the stations and signals.

    Normally, without any signals, the stations build one area, which trains can reserve for themselves and the tracks in between them build one area each for them.

    So to achieve spacing in a line with 2 trains and 2 stations, only 2 signals need to be added:

    1                       Signal
    Station 1  _________________________    Station 2
    1                                                         Signal

    With this setup, 2 trains should space out automatically, since the first train won’t leave the station, until the
    second one has arrived at the second station

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    @Azrael that is very useless… I never use my track(s) for 2 trains, unless it is very very small. It is also very unrealistic, not to mention that it gets worse once you got more lines covering one piece of the track.


    I got the spacing from one of the tutorials and it was road vehicle spacing the beta tester was referring to, I just assumed that it would go across to rail as well. It would be a very handy feature

    Along with Azrael, I only use single track lines for very small routes

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    The time spacing definitely works on bus routes and tram routes.  They don’t use it on cargo or on trains though.

    I suppose as trains tend to be rather more “sensitive” to changes than road vehicles, and routes can be potentially rather more complex and specialized, perhaps they decided to disable it.  I think it would be rather a good idea to have it as an option you can toggle per-line, for all types of transport.  That way you can make use of it to keep a well-designed route working with a balanced timetable, and disable if for any route where an even spacing is going to cause issues.


    It should be relatively easy to implement such thing as the calculation for the frequency is already done. Divide the frequency in the amount of trains and voila.. thats the time that the second train has to wait before leaving the station.


    … and no other train can use the station -.-


    According to a friend of mine that was in the beta, trains also ajusted like busses, but they changed the loading times and now it’s broken. It needs to get fixed…

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