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    I have noticed that at certain points of time during the game then the max speed of the train engine available is limited by the max speed of the waggons available at that time.


    For example:  The class 103.1 is available from 1965 with a max speed of 200km/h but the passenger waggons availale at this time cannot meet this speed and are significantly below this speed (140 kmh) for another 16 years!

    Einheitswagen II available from 1960 only has a max speed of 140 km/h and you have to wait until 1981 until the Einheitswagen IV to get carriages with 200 km/h speed capability.

    This seems to just be an oversight, and I know that you are trying to be somewhat realistic in the availability times of vehicles, but normally train engine and waggon technology go hand in hand so that this would not occur for such a long period in real life, and you have to remember that this is just a game and this spoils the fun of such a game.







    Traian Trante

    It’s the same with the A4 Mallard. The engine can reach 145, but during ts lifetime, there are no wagons that go faster than 120.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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