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    Hi , about two weeks ago I came across your game by accident on steam. I am looking for an interesting having played Sim City to death and also Train Sim and Sid Miers Railroads.

    To buy game from Steam £20  to get game to run on my machine either £0 or £60 or £150.

    Problem?   My new machine purchased in may has  Intel HD4400 graphics and only a 350w power supply.

    So my options are throw £20.00 at the game and Hope.

    Try and Upgrade machine…… been trying to get a definitive answer price varies from £20 to £200.

    What is the exact situation with Train Fever on this chipset I have seen on here you are looking at improving support for Intel Cards (Do you want somebody to test it ?) Do you have a demo version?

    Would love to have access to this game any assistance greatly appreciated.




    It’s possible you might be able to get it to run, but far from guaranteed, as Intel’s OpenGL support is apparently fairly flakey.

    If you *did* manage to get it running… the best I’ve heard about the experience is “playable”… and I get the feeling that’s at the “barely” end of the spectrum.

    Basically, you need a GeForce or a Radeon for any reasonable gaming.

    That 350w power supply might be a problem, depending on what brand it is.  If it’s a reasonable named brand, then maybe try picking up one of the new nVidia Maxwell-based cards – GeForce GTX 750  or  GeForce GTX 750 Ti – which have power requirements of 55 and 60W respectively, and so won’t even require additional power connectors.  They’ll also be fairly cheap, and will run most games at decent settings.


    Thanks Grimdanfango ………. You have just total reinforced the conclusion I had arrived at but with the added benefit of being very specific about the Card and the wattage they require ……. in two computer shops I have been in was looked at like I was mad when I mentioned a graphics card that didn’t need extra power connectors.

    The Brand is Asus ….. logic suggested one of their cards but trying to speak to somebody at Asus who could advise seems to be impossible.

    Thank you for being the only person on the planet to get back in  4 hours ……… would love to have heard an official take on this (even the offer to try a demo would be nice) but no.

    Thought that these days just plugging in a modest graphics card would be simple but apparently not.


    Have a good day and thanks


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    Choose something from Radeon R7 260 to 290 🙂

    Intel gpu’s problem is not just the drivers, but those are slow overall.

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    Glad I could help!  There’s no demo to try out at the moment unfortunately.  There very well could be in time, but for now it would be a dead end asking about it, as I’m sure they’d announce it through official channels the moment there was news.

    If you want a comprehensive run-down of all nVidia and AMD graphics cards, check out the lists on Wikipedia:



    – That pretty much lists hard-numbers without any sales rubbish and confusion.  Probably the most straightforward way to compare relative performance is the “Processing Power GFLOPS – Single Precision” column.

    I’m not too clued up on AMD cards these days, but typically for nVidia, the #50 GTX and #60 GTX cards tend to be the sweetspot for price/performance/power-consumption.  Anything #40 and less will usually be underpowered for most games, and anything #70 and above will be a huge power-hungry expensive beast 🙂

    The 750 and 750Ti are the current sweet-spot of choice… very efficient, reasonably cheap, and will run most games well.


    Cheers Grimdanfango ….. this is the the level of support I would expect from a great game developer .. All the best take care and Thank you. 🙂


    Power Supplies are fairly in-expensive should your old one turn out not to be strong or stable enough. We’re talking in the 40-60$ range – Same as your typical harddrive really. 🙂


    Intel HD graphics are integrated graphics cards, they’re basically terrible. If you want to seriously play games I would recommend dropping £500 or so on a new computer without an integrated graphics card (so Nvidia or AMD, you can look on google for performance comparisons) and that should last you a good number of years to come. You could get cheaper but then you might be sacrificing longevity. And of course if you build it yourself you can reduce the cost as well. That being said of course, you can always upgrade specific parts later to extend that, but again would require you to do that yourself. You might be able to upgrade your current PC but…

    Edit: This isn’t a laptop is it? If so you can likely forget upgrading it.

    It would also be useful to know what your processor is like, since I think train fever can be pretty processor heavy too with all the pathing and citizen tracking it has to do.

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    I ran this game on Lenovo yoga 2 pro which has intel hd 4200,

    The game ran and was playable on lowest settings and small map. However I did not enjoy it much on that machine due to lower frame rates; but you can still play the game. Basically no modern game will run on intel hd cards. This game is worth buying a new gfx card. If I were you, I would have brought a new gfx card specially for this game as I really am loving it.



    It’s obviously not a Laptop if he’s mentioning a power supply – Intel HDs are “on-chip” on processors nowadays, Person.


    Yeah, I figured. Just that every reference I could find to the HD4400 was to a laptop, so I was just checking.


    I have Intel NUC (d34010wyk, Intel Core i3 + Intel HD4400) and game runs not as bd as I thought…

    There are significant lags when zooming in/out, game autosaves, laying down tracks… On the graphic side I am playing game on 1680×1050 resolution, medium details, HDR off, anisotropic filtering 2x with 36+- FPS. That`s pretty much decent gameplay.


    Hi People and thanks to you all ……….. Senel  that’s the sort of info I was hoping for.

    This is  my machine.

    The 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3


    Correct it is not a laptop

    All you have all said are valid points I am still amazed that in 2014, you can’t start with a basic pc and then upgrade to one that can play a £20.00 game without spending £70 to £200 on a graphics card and then possible a power supply!

    Think I might now throw £20.00 into the pot and see if I can actual get it to play.

    Hope you all have fun and best wishes


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    Guess what IT WORKS ……. Decided what the hell throw £20.00 at it and hope.

    It works and the graphics are ok .  McAfee has been a pain but hey ho it’s on.

    Now going to see under Ubuntu 14.04 lts


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