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    Will they be in the game? A lack of bus-waypoints in Cities in Motion absolutely ruined bus gameplay in the game.


    to me it was the traffic jams and how the right mouse button was unused that destroyed cities in motion for me. small but big things.

    if you look at gameplay videos, the bus system is demonstrated well.

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    There were other things wrong with CiM, but the busses were terrible.

    In real life you can obviously make a route go on whichever road you want, for example if there are busy streets, I want to make my bus take the highway instead. But in Cities in motion you can do that because they overlooked a huge game feature, so your bus only went automatically-generated routes between stops that the game workd out automatically.

    Stupid, even Traffic Giant didn’t screw that up and that game is like over a decade old now.


    This might be a bit of a post-bump, but I’ve got a similiar question and this topic is still unanswered.


    Will trucks take the shortest route or the fastest?

    ‘Cause in Traffic Giant trucks would just simply go straight trough a town, eventhough it was way faster to take another route around the town or just line up in one big traffic jam on a ”highway” (trucks drove faster on those highways) while there was a clear ”road” (trucks drove slower on those roads) next to it.

    Since trucks only need to go from the loading point to the unloading point, instead of all the different bus stops in a town, they wouldn’t (realistically speaking) have to take the same route over and over again.


    Long story short: Will trucks have any form of intelegence and find the fastest route or will they just take 1 route over and over again eventhough that route is very crowded?


    Waypoints are inevitable for a realistic network. I hope they mention it.


    It’s exactly my point Berry, we should be able to make waypoints so we can chose which routes vehicles take so they don’t work it out on their own and cause problems. Traffic Giant did it right.


    Any response from the devs for this point?  I too am interested if they implement this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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