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    All fine dunks. I gotta say I haven’t seen Kemp’s hurdle dip from near the free throw line replicated by anybody. 1 dude attempted about the Dunk King, and it was nice, but Kemp’s kind was perfect. Also we ought to just have these guys in next dunk contest cause damn. Side note: I’m sure someone’s done the dunk, I just haven’t seen it yet.I’ll never forget the first time I seen that last dunk Jordan just did, at the 2K MT Prelude once you played in China, against that Shark dude thats has a 99 dunking! Craziest 2k Dunk I ever seen in my life! Period Now that im thinking about it, that cartoon had to be you, to get a fact!? I dont know when im 1 or 2 foot jumper im origianally a 1 foot jumper off of my right foot,but im right handed,and I leap higher off of my left than my best, but I feel odd off my abandoned withought thinking about it,and I jump as high off of 2 fett,any advice??

    Why yall on me as if I said something incorrect, it is the basic facts that that’s wrong information. You mf online look to troll for whatever but should you idiot’s are ok with recieving misinformation then maybe I’m wrong.I did not see the Dribble Freeze movement that they put in this year’s match: while walking, running, or sprinting forward, tap L2. Hey bro just wanted to say thank you! Your videos are dope very informative and easy to recall!! This my first year not employing a center /forward build I moved with a playmaking shot creator and you have helped me every step along the way mad props keep doin what you doin!!?

    I was just playing on the black shirt in 2k19 and why I was dirbbleling with uncle drew I did a spin move then tap the ideal ill down and Isaiah clark.then he did carzy dirbble moves can you tell your other fans that in a movie to if you do thanks.I like the new feel of this game. Just got tues. so tough to score if you do not watch videos like this but it’ll take time to correct. I am not whining like most folks though. If it’s not perfect it is near it. Def. worth 60 bucks. Practice makes improvement, not ideal. So I look forward to vid tutorials in this way.

    The dribbling this year caters more into the behind the back camera angle. Some of us like the Broadcast low camera angle although the dribbling mechanic don’t really match. It is a RHETORICAL Question.

    Whats happening however when I wear a jumpshot I check whether its on I delete all of my jumpshot and nba 2k19 and I keep getting the cartoon of a onehanded jumpshot I restart and everything. The NBA 2K League, a skilled esports league for players of this basketball video game, said on Tuesday that YouTube will stream live broadcasts of all its matches this season. The coverage includes the league’s greater than 230 regular-season, playoff and finals games. Games take place at the league’s studio in the New York City borough of Queens.

    The agreement allows YouTube, a component of Alphabet Inc, to expand its huge array of esports content.It comes at a time of exploding interest in esports, when professional gaming players compete against one another, often for prize pools before thousands of fans viewing online and in arenas.The NBA 2K League is”one of the hardly any leagues which we were not flowing on YouTube today,” Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s global head of gaming, told Reuters.The platform currently distributes articles from over two dozen other leagues.

    It said it’s 200 million users who view gambling content daily worldwide. In 2018, users saw over 50 billion hours of gaming content.YouTube total gaming strategy is to draw scores of esports leagues and organizations onto its platform in non-exclusive distribution agreements Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins.Wyatt wants to see esports”on as many platforms as you can, as it’s a chance… for this space to continue to grow,” he said. “We don’t have any desire for exclusivity at the moment. We want to celebrate the category and expand it.”



    Sorry to say had no luck with your instructions ,I did spend a lot of time on it. I want thank for your time and patience . I will be contacting VKB to se how good their warrant is.




    I disagree as in my experience with 11 I can move the stick without any input being registered. That mean I could benefit from higher resolution.
    So, how do I setup more than 11 bit please?

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