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    Are there any plans to incorporate weather effects and/or changing seasons? I feel that most current games in the genre lack temporal variation and present the in-game world with an everlasting Arizona blue-sky boredom. I just want to make the case that changes over time in the sky and landscape would greatly enhance the game’s longevity and add an epic flavour.

    For example changing vegetation over seasons were common to early train games (A-Train), but not repeated later. Weather (rain, snow?) in RRT3 was another example of adding some variation to the world.

    I propose to explore if you can go further and link weather and seasons to the train operation, i.e. that preventive measures would affect the gamer’s route planning strategy. Just some thoughts for example:

    • Excessive rain in plains could cause flooding of low laying tracks near rivers -> tracks could be temporally be impassable / destroyed (-> players would avoid laying tracks near rivers or floodplains, build tracks on more expensive dams or bridges in those areas).
    • Flooding could also destroy bridges over rivers – if not high enough – Wasn’t this a ‘disaster’ that could happen in RRT1? Or rain could trigger landslides that may destroy tracks on steep unforested slopes.
    • Snow and snow drift in higher and exposed altitudes could block tracks – cause delays and derailments (-> player would be wise to avoid high mountains with frequent snow, or build tunnels).
    • More dramatically, avalanches in sloped mountain terrain could require gallerias (you will know this being located in Switzerland) (-> players would avoid snow-covered slopes without trees).
    • High wind could disrupt power transmission (only steam powered and diesel trains would run) and windthrow of trees could block tracks in forested areas (players would then avoid tracks in dense forests, or cut a wide clearing for the train track).

    Dynamic weather is indeed a very good idea. I always miss them from city-building games (also, day and night cycle can be very spectacular and make the game more immersive – too bad it wouldn’t really fit into Train Fever).

    Those points Scandi recommended are good, however I fear they might be hard to implement. But dynamic weather should be incorporated in the game! Also, if there is snow, well, it would be awesome if it could make certain sections impassable, so snow plow trains would be necessary.

    But first of all: give us dynamic weather!


    This is a great idea in my opinion. I think season effects would be very cool, like frozen switches in the winter. Leaves on the tracks in autumn and such. But maybe increased revenue from the possible catering services in the summer? Those effects of course don’t all have to be negative only 😉


    So what’s about weather, dear developers?


    We would love to include weather effects and day and night cycles, to add even more stunning visuals and further gameplay events to the game, but we don’t see the need for the release version. Day and night cycle would be to nervous, because an  in-game year passes in six minutes.

    The towns and forests grow dynamic, so you’ve got a lot of change in your world.


    Nice to know the forests grow. That is great. About day and night cycle, thanks God they won’t be included.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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