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    What is about the new patch?

    More than two month ago there was an anouncement for a patch with improvements for switches.

    But in deed there is not a single comment from urban games. Is the game still under development? Or do you have vacation?

    Or is it not possible to patch this issue?

    Please let the people know on what are you working. This is really bad comunity work.

    Greetings Sodien

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    I would like to know the same!!!

    What´s so hard in giving status updates?


    yes this game could offer so much but as you can said almost feel like development has stopped 🙁

    I just hope they see this and put out something even if it is just a WIP video….. *Hay look at what we are doing we are working on feature [x] [y] and [z] they are not ready for release yet but just thought we would show them to you*

    yes takes time to make a video/post like that but does work wonders to keep a community/fan base happy

    Traian Trante

    Come on guys, its not that hard to write 2 lines to tell us that the update will be out in 1-2 3, x months or whatever. It’s common curtesy, please !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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