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    Train fever…. the good and the bad

    I have been playing TF for quite a while now (around a year) and I have seen many improvments made by the development team most of which are pointing this title in I feel in the right direction althogh there iss still areas that require alot of work and some wishes on my own list.

    We have just past the 1 year anniversary for TF and with that the devs gave us a new patch offering a few tweaks and improvemts to the game,including the addition of a diamond crossover Although not the most useful of features I hope that it is the first stepping stone to other junction types that will help players make some fantastic layouts.

    The laying of tracks can be a fun experiance as well as a furstrating one. Laying a track is a simple as click and drag and the game engine will adjust the turrain to suit with tunnals and bridges or cuttings and embankments, the game will do its best to keep the track smooth and level. But this does not always work out as you would like I will use a road crossing as an example I have been paying more attention to how I lay tracks in the game and it seems to like placing a small upward slope at each end of a road crossing meaning if you make a long section after it you will end up with a huge hump I am still trying to work out how to counter this when building but not found it yet.

    Over all I am happy with the game it is really fun to play but there is a few things I would like to see and a few things I think are missing from this game type in general

    Better junction layouts on tracks.

    I would like to be able to merge 4 lines into 2 without having to stagger the junctions (Pic 1 http://www.roscalen.com/signals/Barry/060529/JunctionClose.jpg ) I would also like to be able to place switches next to each other  (Pic 2 http://rourkela.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Railway-track.jpg)

    these are just some basic example of what I personally would like to see with track layouts but I am sure there are many many more that others would like to see made possible in this game

    My personal wish list

    One that is on the top of my list for these type of games is the ability to change a consist of a train at a given point EG: I would like to be able to send a train to Yard where he leaves a rake of empties then shunts solo to collect what ever full wagons are there before taking them to the unload place, meanwhile the empties are shunted in small groups to the loading station to load before being returned to the yard for collection by the mainline train

    I would like to see something like that for PAX trains as well train reducing in a station or maybe it is a mixed train and needs to leave some good cars behind for unloading  by a small shunter loco

    although I would love to see this placed into a game I have a feeling this will just continue to be a wish


    Overall I am happy with the game there is some development that could still be done and I think better communication from the team with the players as the last patch was 3 months in the making with little to no known communication from the developer maybe smaller patches more often so we no you are still working on this and not just abandond us


    Better communications is one thing we are currently working very hard on.

    Please be asured I´m reading everything posted here in the forums, replying more often will be the next step!

    Best Regards
    Tom (Community Manager)



    Well thanx for the reply Tom that does help with the communication 😀

    I no that communication can be hard to keep as days and weeks can very quickly slip by if there is going to be a long gap between updates a nice Work In Progress vid/post would be awesome helps us no that you have not forgotton that we are still here

    It is nice to know that you are reading everything as well andd I am sure (hope) you are passing the thoughts and requests on to the dev team for consideration **Hint Hint read above post ;)**

    I personally would be interested in a road map for TF if there is one so I can get an idea what could be coming in the near and far future (always subject to change based on limiting factors)





    What ‘I’ think of Train Fever doesnt need a wall of text.

    It’s a GREAT concept that has been badly managed and spoilt by its own developer. A wasted opportunity.

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