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    Hello everyone,


    i am asking myself (and im sure many others too) what is next? There is no anouncement about the next patch or what will it bring.

    And i wonder why sone probably very easy things are not on the game.

    For example: Bigger Stations with more tracks. It is possible to do stations with artmoney tool as a cheat. But why if it could be done with a cheat, is it not in the game?

    So what is with diamond crossings ? Impossible with the game engine?

    Cargo: Why doest it sill take 20 Years for a company to archieve the required efficiency?
    In my opinion some of the wonderfull mods should be directly implemented into the game, or a mod manager should be directly implemented into the game. Not every player is able to search the forums, install the mod manager and install the mods. Many of the Mods (Trains or decorative items) make the game much more interesting and more beautiful.

    At this time i wonder if there is just one person post all three weeks a post on the official site, but there are no more improvements to the game. Yes, this game is much more better than to release, but i think to make it this game everybody wants there is a lot more of possibilitys. I can read many posts in this forum with things. Some of them seem pretty easy or can be allready done with a mod.

    I hope there will be much more communication with the comunity and not just posts about things, that happend in the past.


    Greetings Sodien




    As I am the “one person” writing the blog posts I think it is appropriate for me to also answer to this question.

    As often stated before it is not easy for us to tell you about our plans in details. The reason is that the development is very dynamic and schedules or plans change very often due to many (sometimes unforeseen) reasons.

    I would love to tell you: “We want to make a patch in x weeks with feature A, B and C”. But it is very likely that it could get delayed or feature C swapped for feature D. Which leaves me in the position to have promised things which were not kept. But I can guarantee you that as soon as it is clear what we will do with Train Fever next, we will let you know!


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    Greno Zee

    I sure understand you don’t want to let out any estimate as to when and what exactly you plan to release. I remember reading somewhere you burned your fingers while doing that in the past.

    And it’s perfectly fine. But complete silence is not that great either. It would be really great if you could provide the community with at least a rough overview of which of which major changes we could expect in the future.


    I hope I can do so within the next 2 weeks!


    Traian Trante

    Tom, Thank you !

    When you said 2 weeks and you put our minds at ease. It doesn’t matter that much if that after those 2 weeks you will tell us that plans changed, stuff has been delayed. All that is fine, part of the dev process. I will personally understand and appreciate that you took the time to give us the news, even if it’s not good news.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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