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    As car use increases I keep getting gridlocked cities so my buses can’t move – I’ve put down bus lanes to cover all my lines and in some cases they are kept clear, and in other cases, cars use them in preference to the non-bus lane.  Is there any way to keep cars out of them or once cars reach a certain level do I just abandon buses and let them drive to the station?

    The roads which are pure bus lanes with no car lanes are also used by cars so the concept of a bus lane seems broken at the moment – unless you just happen to like pink roads. :o)


    On highways it dedicates a lane..on small and medium.. I have no idea what it does. I would like to think that if there are two ways to go somewhere and one way has a bus lane and one doesn’t the cars would take the way that doesn’t have the bus lane maybe?


    To me it looks like the bus lines are ocasionally used by the cars that originate or have as destination a building on a street with bus lanes. So when John lives on a street with bus lanes he uses the right most lane when going out of the garage…. Now, John should immediatly change to the left lane but it seems that lane changing is not yet implemented in the game. The cars that are just passing through will not use the bus lane.

    In any case this implementation creates a huge mess in the traffic when both John and his 100 neighbours decide to go to work in the same time and they just pop on adiacent bus lane.

    To avoid this I try to observe the crowded roads and build my bus routes on parallel streets. It does not always help though, sometimes traffic does not move for months…


    There is a lot of point to them when towns are gridlocked. Yes, occasionally cars use the bus lane (whether this is intended or not, I like it, it’s realistic) but being stuck behind 1 car is better than being stuck behind 500.

    The AI needs to use regular dual-lanes more efficiently too, I have a tailback stretching from one town to another where only 2 lanes of a 4 lane highway that I built are even being properly utilised.




    The problem is severely worsened when John decides to park his car in the bus lane…


    Do you guys not think that lane change is only possible at nodes in the network, that is street crossings?

    For the program to be efficient and able to handle a lot of traffic they need to cut down on all the if then else switch cases.

    I have mostly done test playing so I am searching the net and passsing through this thread. One can say that we do NOT have any highways. We have 4 lane roads that is it. And also cargo buy truck earns mor money. And also bussing people between towns earns more money then inside the city. Also as soon as you set up your first inter city buss line suddenly the town grows really fast, it is magic.

    So I build a 4 lane road between cities but the busses are using same lane as cargo trucks. I have not gotten them to jump to the “through traffic” lane yet. If the solution is to create cross roads then one can definitely say we do NOT have highways.

    Seems you need to test alot about the game before you play it till the end.

    Seems you need to place sunken train stations and railway tunnels around the city since we do not have subways. Railway tunnels so the game can make the city denser and place buildings ontop of the tracks. Also you need to place road tunnels under the city to make traffic be able to dive down and skip several blocks and pop up elsewhere in town.

    I wonder if the game understands how to use them. I am reading everything and all problems you guys run into. Do not want to waste my time playing and then having to spend trillions to bulldoze and reshape the cities.

    Seems one have to envision the future city. To stop the AI from placing buildings and roads I put down stumps of railway so the game engine runs into “collision oh ooh collsion”, yeah, give the game engine some of its own medicine.



    seems you can only make a profit with trains until you build up the traffix volume by trucks and busses. When you see you have enough volume you start a railway line and kill the by road lines. So I am not building railways this time around I am just studying roads.



    if you destroy the roads between cities car traffic decreases significantly (can be seen as cheating but necessary to get railways up and running). if you also have 1/2 buslines in your city almost no cars will drive (these lines usually cost money but it is worth it)

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