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    What is your focus? For instance: do you use an even spread of transport types (buses/trams/goods/passengers) or do you concentrate on one type.

    So far I have only used passenger services.  I have tried to connect all towns with at least 3 lines connecting to the other 2 nearest towns.  Some of the more central cities have 5 lines so far. I am finding this is working quite well.

    So how do you work the game?  Do you have one large city with passenger and goods services?  Or buses and trams feeding a large station complex to many destinations?

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    Since this is TRAIN fever (and since I’m fond of trains; I’m also a model train modeller, building my own railway layouts), I will try to use trains as the focal point of my network. I will use trams to collect people inside the cities toward the railway stations, and buses to connect the towns that do not yet have a railway connection. I tend to organize so each city has cargo, but If it flows by itself, I will not install my own transport. I will use trucks to get the cargo to cities that have bot yet their natural stream of cargo.

    All goes will untill automobile takes over and causes the nation wide gridlock, with a standstil from city to city. Everything is crumbling down, and I have to hope that the collected millions are enough to get to the year 2000, with heavy losses, and abandoning all tram lines and maybe 70% of all train lines.


    I try to build long railway connections, with trams delivering people to the stations in all cities. After connecting cities I try to feed them with goods too, via rail, for optimum growth. One source of goods is usually good enought for three cities.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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