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    This is a simple question really, but I feel the need to check out this incase it would be a bad decision.

    I am at a two directional path here, going for a railway line or keeping the cargo truck system. The number of trucks may be to high for the current road type, but the max speed of the trucks are 25k/m while the road (a standard dirt road) allows vehicles to drive 40k/m. Bulding a railway may work since it will allow for faster transportation and units per travel, but the maintance cost (which will only rise per year) will maybe make the line not cost-effective.

    Here are the base facts:

    • Year – 13.MAY.1921
    • Version – Standard plus DLC
    • Distance – From the front door of the forestry to the front door of the factory will cost roughly 195K $ (including 1 bridge and 2 crossovers for roads). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413797209
    • Number of vehciles – 42 MACK AC cargo trucks (the current line are making money btw).
    • Forestry production value – 248 units (and are rising steadly)
    • Factory production value -249 units (and are rising steadly)

    So should I switch over to a cargo train line and if so how many trains and wagons should I buy then?

    Or should I just stick with the trucks?



    Trains should be profitable at this level of production

    U can use a single train as long as its frequency is about 10 mins.

    One train shoud carry approximately  ((250/12)* frequency) units of goods.




    I did as you said, but now the forestry simply won’t the cargo line I set up. The frequency is 3 min and cargo space on the train is 104, but instead the cargo is sent by road and the train manages to do 2 and a half laps before one of resources reach their destination. What kind of logic is this?


    I don’t use both road and rail to service the same source and destination. The raw materials are always send by road rather than rail; may be because road vehicles have smaller frequency (since they are many compared to trains).

    Simply stop your truck line and then watch the results



    You’r implying that I didn’t? Well I did and no it didn’t work, I even had to revert to an old save ’cause I was nearing bankruptcy.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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