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    Could you tell me when will be a new gameplay video or new pictures ?


    Can we start a new map/game after 1990 (perhaps a sandbox mode)? Because, I like only the vehicles of the 2000s.

    I would appreciate if you could inform me. 🙂

    Axel Springer


    sandbox mode:

    Officially, we don’t intend to add a sandbox mode. It may however be a by-product of our efforts to provide…



    Really no sandbox? =/
    This game looks promising,but some features should be essential…
    Think about it!

    Axel Springer

    I dont know. If found it on gambitious (date: march 2013, maybe they will change it).


    I hope we will get some answer of those many questions here in the forum. Maybe with a beta Version 🙂


    i hope the game also can get a sandbox mode
    or maybe a Ingame cheat  like say in a chat: “/Money “insert the number of how much you want”

    and ofc able to turn off/on cheat if playing multiplayer

    i also hope there will be a option ingame(sandbox or not) before starting a map
    so if we are in like the year 2000
    but dont want modern trains but want to built steam trains
    you can do that
    since in like transport tycoon you is unable to built older trans onces they get too outdated

    so you can always built Older busses/trains even if is in year +2100

    since my fav. steam train is this one(thanks for making it for this game btw):

    and i kinda always use it even if it is year 2100 i still like to have it

    and more ingame options like that like choose to play against some AIs or choose to only be you on a map and ingame options like TTD/locomotion´s map editor have

    like turn off/on breakdowns and how often it happen maybe
    when PLanes coming to the game turn off/one Plane crashes(as you can with openTTD)


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    Honestly.. i think this game is missing out on key elements for a product to sell well these days..

    Multiplayer- said to come if enough sales are reached.. I dont think this is a great strategy.. many players will put it down just because it doesnt come outa the box multiplayer…  not everyone who buys the game is going to forum search for reason multiplayer might or might not show up.. thus my reasoning for not the best strat to sell this game.

    Sandbox- Most of us im sure just like to grab a beer and run train for fun with no super special mission.. just watch your trains drive around in what ever year you want to start.

    Modding- we know its coming.. which is great.. this is one thing i like alot.  When i buy a game.. with the exception of Battlefield.. modding is essential for me to buy a game..  it does improve its longevity, and its nice to have variety… I’m sure that someone out there is going to create american loco’s from 1850 up to 2000’s..  I’m sure someone will include German loco’s Russian Loco’s.. train cars.. etc… hopefully a map editor  etc..    this is one thing im super glad to hear from devs.

    I would love to see more videos about game player..


    I’m not bashing im just throwing my honest 2 cents out.

    Axel Springer

    Just for me: at the first time i dont need a multiplayer. If everthings works fine in the singleplayer mode and they will be fixed the bugs, than you can start with the multiplayer. And i think they prepare right now to release it later.

    Think about the costs for server etc.

    They have a crowd funding campaign and the investors would like to see asap a working game. So it is simple to make a working game with singleplayer and later the multiplayer. It is not a special multiplayer game like BF oder COD. This way is better than a single player and multiplayer that not works correct (like BF4 at the beginning or GTA).

    And with astragon you have a special simulation reseller.

    Thats only my  mustard and the important thing is: a working game 🙂


    I’m looking forward to new insight on the development process.


    You guys probably know about it already. I searched on YouTube to see if they had published anything else, and found this.


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