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    Could you give us more informations for the game ? (For Example: More gameplay videos, pictures, updated list of the vehicles, show a big city in the game or show the game world…)  I would like pre-order or buy the game when it will be possible… And I’d like to watch the page with new updates more often! :/ Not so monthly… :/   I know that you work a lot !

    Is it possible? :$

    Bring it on guys! 🙂


    I’m totally agree…real gameplay is still confused,the last video shows a poor detailed enviroment and pics about cities are quite old!
    I’m sure you guys are making a great game,but I would know how the game is before buy it…some more update of dev diarys are really important for who’s following you!
    Lot of infos are missing:there will be big cities,underground station,important landmarks like airports,government buildings,public spaces and so on? How will they looks like?


    Same here, I really want to see something new. I’ve been doing whatever possible to figure out anything, mostly from developer comments in threads and news posts. That’s getting kinda boring :/ Hopefully we’ll get something soon, it’s about time. I wonder what they are working on that would take longer than usual to make an article for, possibly stuff for the beta, that would be nice. Whatever it actually is, everybody will have to wait and see.


    Yes I would have some new information


    I’m totally agree, please give us new information.


    Thank you for your interest in our game.

    We’re trying to continue our at least monthly updates on our page. Currently we’re working on marketing materials and of course a lot of coding. A punch of new content, trains and vehicles are also already done and soon there will be more news.

    A lot of questions are already answered in the updates or in our forums so please check them out. We’re still reading every comment and forum post to get your opinion on Train Fever. However, due to the huge amount of work we currently have to focus our man power: Top priority is finishing development and releasing a great game in Q3.


    Hey guys,

    I’m really excited about this game 🙂 any chance we could see some more pics or a new video of gameplay?


    Yes please.

    The last update is a month ago


    ma su steam quando esce?


    Would love a little more information too 🙂 Can’t wait for this game.

    I hope we can get access to a beta soon and I hope this game comes to steam very quickly.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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