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    Where are and or when will we get American trains? I’m sorry but European trains are so boring and ugly compared to American steam and Diesels. I mean who can beat a big boy? or challenger? or the sharp looking diesels of that time? I don’t understand why that wasn’t a part of the game from the first.


    Have you checked out the available mods… I’m not saying its full of American trains, but there numerous new vehicles you can download and install with ease, here:



    Edit:  The mod manager makes it a bit easier to deal with too.

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    Why should have americain trains in first place? And americans from where: USA, Chile, Argentina or Porto Rico?

    Why should be the USA trains more important than others?

    Sorry but I don’t understand that sort of primacy …

    Note 1: I like a lot the trains from USA.

    Note 2: Enjoy the game and other thing will came later.

    Note 3: make some “americains” mods and share with us.

    Cheers, T


    Urban Games is located in Switzerland, so they built Swiss trains first.

    Anyway, there a are a lot of mods around, as FX2K pointed out.

    About the Big Boy: there was a discussion in the German forum pointing out that the Big Boy was to big for the Sharp Curves which are allowed in TF, making turns look ugly. I think nobody builds a mod for it at the time, sorry.



    No, the Big Boy is still in progress and the issue with the tracks is already solved.


    No, the Big Boy is still in progress and the issue with the tracks is already solved.

    Do you know what they did to solve the track problem besides not building the track with a short radius? I seen the thread but it’s in German so I didn’t understand what they all were talking about.

    I would also like to see more American stock in the game. Can you say DLC? That’s what I’m guessing but who knows.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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