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    Just bought this game today. I was really looking forward and counting days but….i m quite disappointed. Positives: graphic is amazing, way how you can build tracks and roads is very easy and very nice, beautiful cities. And now my question and the biggest negative thing for me. On the stations. Why there are only 3 choices: Load if available, Full load (any), Full load (all)???? Where is UNLOAD ONLY??? Why i can not choose what my horse wagons will carry???  Now they they just carry everything everywhere. I m delivering wood to factory and taking goods back to forest. That does not make any sense. Goods article is useless in this game because it is accepted in every single station on the map.

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    There is no unload all, and there won’t be, there is no reason. Goods and people automatically transfer between stops to get to their destination; forcing a vehicle to unload would have no purpose. Also, there are no disadvantages for a vehicle having cargo both ways, weight isn’t actually counted (yet) and the cargo automatically move by themselves (you can see where they are if you turn on the cargo layer) and your carriage must be faster to get to a town near the forest than if the goods moved by themselves.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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