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    How long did you play?

    When do you think trains become to cheap to run?

    Capital expenses are covered in HSR track, which is uber expensive to build ( about 30 times more expensive then regular ). Also, historically speaking, running cost of a mainline locomotive was kind of flat when adjusted for inflation, so BR103 being just 2-3 times more expensive then, say, prussian G3 is quite realistic.

    I am now playing a hard large map and it took me 85 years ( 1850-1935 ) to finally set up my main line to double track and run some freight on it. For the first 30 or so years it was a struggle to survive, in spite of running 15 car trains almost chock full of people. Heck, I still cannot afford electrics, since they are 2,5 million a piece in the current build of BM 🙂

    Anyhow – the passenger car weight is actually a bug in the game acceleration code. BM just tries to work around it.

    I am now waiting for the next patch, so I can adopt BM to it and release next version and I will gladly make adjustments for advanced players.


    That’s not true at all. Douglas. I routinely have cargo trains stop at more than one drop-off point. My biggest one was a goods train that picked up and went to three different cities. It did not unload 100% at each city.

    This doesn’t work at all. I tried and it doesn’t work. All goods cargo are unload in the first city, that already have a lot more than it needs, and the other 2 cities stay empty.

    Also its so sad that cargo get lost in the middle of the track. A bug since launch, never addressed.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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