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    Hello, why i unable make topic in general dicsusion where i like send some points of idea for interests?

    Thank you


    It is only my wish and know that some is hard to implement or inposible in game state and engine posibilities.


    1) camera on front or back train or vehicle able watch ride.

    2)automatic era changing station layouts or able change them as we can and also more diferent skins

    3) set patch routes for trains to able easy use all station tracks and able change colours lines

    4)premaded train crossing sets like this here may be picture of example premadet crossing for example TT modelbahn.  and also still able make own crossing layouts

    5) roads are not upgraded when city expant and unable upgrade them by itseft because train track block it.

    6) when are already bridges build able build under them road or another raills and no need to destroy bridge.

    7) long track construction planing and after finish then able build it whole – in many cases example too high elevation is hard build trtack and conect one side to another side is imposible because too high elevation.

    8) able change train station angle in horizontaly – example when build on hill and need opositing elevation than automaticaly is set.

    9) like able build something like this – it is dream for me to have in game  there may be link that show station maked by Maltby on germam fan forum.

    10) able build similar to real railroad networks – mixed cargo trains, mixed stations example station with 5 track for passengers + 3-4 tracks for cargo.

    11) able use or have acces for obbsolete vehicles

    12) able off or on popup windows when any vehicle is too old or when you buy new one.

    13) able build basis country roads

    i have 14 more points but forgot them and my previsous listing is not been posted, but it say that is been posted but i do not see it and in my profile is still zero then i try repost some that i still remember and it look most important.


    it look that i have some problems to put there links for beter example

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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