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    AK Carriages
    IAB Wagon

    Original Post (unsure of thread etiquette with new release for same item)
    My progress so far the animation is still simple no lua.script used but be cool if there was one for more control of rotation while stationary and on the go,

    I can imagine using this on the “Union Pacific SD40”, “NS 6400” and no doubt plenty more.


    That looked awesome. Wanna share the secret?


    Looking great indeed, animated vents awesome. Great model too, looks like the Vossloh G2000. Btw where you also working on the vents of the NS Class 6400? Did I understand that right? 😀


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    Thx guys 🙂

    no sry  Jonathan078NL I do want to start on dutch trains but when I’ve finished my planned DL class & AK carriages from KiwiRail. I’ll be busy for quite some time on top of that my laptop died, so I can only work at home now. I’m not really sure about re-do’s of models others are all ready working on. If DrimeNL doesn’t finish his/hers then I probably would.

    I was thinking the best way to explain is by making a tutorial as missing stuff will crash the game, just the format I’m unsure of (video will take a bit as I’ve never done one before otherwise a new forum thread to discuss discovered stuff). Just thinking about making a video gives me more respect for you olahaldor xD I’ll see what I can do bit late to start now.

    Till then how I discovered it was, mashing door animations with realizing how the events work. also took a dive into the lua scripts to understand the drive event. (but trust me it’s as easy as setting up a door)


    Nice looking engine, Skiwee. I’m looking forward to your tutorial on how you did that. I don’t understand a lot of it and want to learn how to do more. I’m curious to see what all can be done with vehicles, mainly trains.

    I’m also hoping they will animate the log cars when loading and write something on how to set it up as well. I see a couple on the German sight doing some things but it’s hard to understand when translated. A lot doesn’t make sense at all.


    Final here 🙂
    I’ve been at it all week getting the textures good enough. I still don’t really understand the relation between the different texture files into creating just the right effect. but I got it to the point I’m happy to share with you all. theres a lot of that looks nice will stick with it going on :p
    The Model is based on KiwiRail’s latest locomotive the DL class. In regards to that I’ve beefed it up a little and made it some what cheaper then counterparts in a similar league.
    enjoy guys.




    Awesome work


    Just installed and tested this out. Wow its good. Thanks for making this and i really look forward to the matching rolling stock 🙂 Probably a bit far fetched.. but maybe you could eventually do a full KiwiRail inventory. Sorry just excited 🙂



    It would be cool to have all KiwiRail’s inventory, who knows. Long as Dev’s continue working on the game I’ll continue making them.
    I’ve scratched a few trains off my to-do list like ICE3 & Shinkansen 500. So after I’ve done the AK series carriages I’ll start working on Milk-industry (Fonterra, provided I can use there logo for my mods).
    This is my progress on one of the AK’s few more days texturing and I’ll release it.

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    :: NEWS UPDATE ::
    Updated the DL class for USA-dlc. So from now on it’s unlikely I’ll be actively supporting TFMM or TFGM.
    The AK series is coming along slowly haven’t had much time on my hands, also took a little break. I’ve further done some home work on New Zealand locomotives and have come up with a list.

    Rolling stock Year From Year To
    F Class 1872 1964
    N Class 1885 1929
    Wa Class 1892 1962
    Q Class 1901 1957
    Aa Class 1914 1930
    Ab Class 1915 1969
    Passschendaele 1925?
    Ka Class 1939 1967
    Ew Class 1952 1988
    Da Class 1955 1989
    Dx Class 1972 n.a
    EF Class 1986 n.a
    DL Class 2010 n.a
    Matangi 2010 n.a
    AM Class 2014 n.a

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    For any early birds interested. I’ve released my AK series early on train-fever.net as I like playing other games as well.
    It’s not finished quite yet. Still needs work on the textures{minor details}, add spectacular maps and the main saloon and café still need L.O.D’s (they are above average on the poly count).

    AK Series

    AK Class
    AK Lineup

    Hinged Doors
    AK Grid


    Released another KiwiRail mod a set of IAB Flabed wagons and uploaded my additional progress from the past year (DL Class & AK Series).
    As I’ll be working on upgrading my models to incorporate the interiors, these are the last updates for Train Fever.

    IAB Wagon


    Hi Skiwee,

    fellow kiwi here. I’m enjoying playing trainfever too.

    Just finished making my own height map of the Dunedin area.

    Been thinking about how it would be more NZ like to replace all those oil wells and oil refineries with perhaps

    stock sale yards and meatworks. You know using wagons like this ….   anyways I see your quiet involved with nice modern rolling stock.  I’m dreaming a bit … does it sound doable..I assume you know more about modding than most?


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