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    we draw one track. then we draw another in parallel …. and that is how we build a double track.

    ((( BTW, why can’t we just say we want double track, triple track mode and draw it immediately? It would help a lot when making railroad bridges if you could set 4 tracks to be layed down and then you draw that bridge instead of one track and then add the next and you often get “error error collision error terrain alignment error rororooeeeo err”. And then you have to delete and restart building the bridge … )))

    What I would like is that I could draw a track in different modes.

    Ordinary track

    Passenger station track

    Cargo station track / siding

    and just as you draw parallel tracks you draw platforms for passenger or for cargo. This way the game need not supply us with 1 2 3 4 5 track passenger stations, we can make 10 track stations if we want to. Also, the platforms could then be curved, follow a curved track.

    I feel I seen this in some other game / simulator or in the “world editor” of some train sim. I am pretty sure this has already been done in some other title.



    also this solution should make it easier to upgrade stations. And a station must not be passenger or cargo station it can be a mix.

    And if you need more tracks for passenger you should be able to reassign and change a cargo track to passenger track. And then build more cargo tracks at the side / edge of the station.

    You need to be able to reassign the track so you don’t need to delete it and then build one of another type.

    So maybe it should work like this that you build all the tracks you want and then you paint a flavour on them , passenger or cargo. And then the game knows where the train should stop.

    This type of station also make you have to pick the track the train should stop at since that is simpler then having the game figure out where to stop if you were pointing at a station built this way by adding tracks and platforms,



    for me this is one of the most annoying things in the game, the stations should be modular.  If you need an extra platform you should be able to build one, or just delete if no longer required.  As said above pax and cargo stations should be mutual.

    I also think the bus/tram stations should be able to form part of the station itself (possibly a car park as well if you want to build one?) again using a modular system.

    lastly there should be a way of making terminus’ both as a station and for individual lines (see cambridge railway station)


    Hope this makes sense…..




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