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    Dear magician-developers,

    I was wondering if you planned to expand the game in a later stage with a more interesting economic model like in Railroad Tycoon 3. At the moment Train Fever has a very static industry; they exist and they produce when there is a demand. I would like to see a more dynamic industry, better placement (eg logging near forest, mining in mountains,…).

    I would like also to see cities have more specific demands for cargo, and not only general “goods”. It would be awsome to have to bring all kinds of cargo to the cities to satisfy the demand (eg. lumber, furniture, clothing, bricks, …)

    So, are you planning to develop more in detail the economical model of Train Fever, or do you plan to keep it based upon the 20-minute principle?

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    Traian Trante



    +1 from me, too.

    I’d also like to see for example textile industries who sell their stuff to tailors or cloth shops (maybe a commercial building), alcohol to pub (a very recreational building), machinery to factories and so on.

    Also the 20 minutes rule does not work for goods IMHO. For people this may be a good idea (people who travel are much more interesting than those staying at home for the game), but goods who travel as far as they can, and they like it? You’re kidding! If there is a sawmill next to a source of wood and another one far far away (but not more than 20 minutes game time) then wood will be transported to the far one. This is plainly insane! Goods need another rule. 20 minutes can be a restriction, but the “as far as possible” rule should not apply. An “as fast as possible” rule should produce much better results for goods.


    I’m very close to move back to RRT3 again, because there is just more action on the map.


    Agreed. Agent simulated goods and resources make about as much sense as agent based sewage and garbage in Simcity did.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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