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    Dear magician-developers,

    The line management window is a prime tool during game play. But it is very large, game slowing and cumbersome. Would it be possible to include into the individual line window also the list of vehicles running on that line? And preferable with the vehicle management options to sell/send to depot etc… That would greatly ease the game play.

    Secondly, I would not show the numerous windows of vehicles while they are being created in a depot. Now you get X stacked small windows of all the individual vehicles. It slows down the game, everybody clicks them away without looking, and they do not seem to serve for anything but screen clutter. Is it possible to not create these windows?

    I’m still enjoying the game tremendously! Keep up the magnificient work!



    Both features would be significant usability improvements and hopefully not that difficult to implement. 🙂

    I also agree that I am enjoying the game nevertheless. 🙂


    thumps up

    those little windows are kinda enoying and arent needed at all. If i have to select a certain vehicle  that i ve just bought, then i can select it through de depot menu.

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    I usually use the “Visible only” option in the main line management window, which reduces clutter a bit (though not enough).

    But I completely agree with all that’s been said.

    It would also be helpful to have a “go to depot and sell” order for individual vehicles, not just for the whole line.


    It would also be cool if the line window showed the vehicles with some indication of their current loadout.  That way, you could quickly see if more buses or trucks need to be added to a line.







    Sounds good. After 6 or 8 of those little vehicle windows my game becomes slideshow-ish and it’s hard to aim with mouse to close them. 🙂 I very rarely look at them, just when checking if some line works properly…


    I join a wish!

    The window with lines is always open. I generally while “play about” with cars. They to one line sometimes on 50 pieces should be let out. Also there is no sense to show that I have an uncountable quantity of vehicles on the line, I and so know it, to me the exact quantity is important, especially during changeover.

    Also I support wishes and regarding mini-windows upon purchase of new technique. It isn’t really actual, I usually for time buy on 25 vehicles, and 25 times to click to close windows not interesting)))

    By the way it is simply impossible to buy in case of resolution of the monitor 1080-there is no screen height more.

    It seems to me that in a window of lines it is better to make display of icons of the current quantity of identical vehicles and an additional tab in a separate window of the line on which the separate statistics on the vehicle will be specified.

    Simplification of design and number of actions in a gameplay in this case not the best decision, in my opinion.

    Anyway game excellent! Remaining nuances))

    PS Is translated from Russian by means of a site translate.ru the text Original in Russian below.

    Присоединяюсь к пожеланию!

    Окно с линиями всегда открыто. Я в основном пока “балуюсь” с автомобилями. Их на одну линию иногда по 50 штук выпускать приходится. И нет смысла показывать, что у меня бессчетное количество транспортных средств на линии, я и так это знаю, мне важно точное количество, особенно во время замены.

    Также поддерживаю пожелания и касаемо мини-окон при покупке новой техники. Оно не очень актуально, я обычно за раз покупаю по 25 транспортных средств, и 25 раз кликать для того чтобы закрыть окна не интересно)))

    Кстати больше просто невозможно купить при разрешении монитора 1080- не хватает высоты экрана.

    Мне кажется что в окне линий лучше сделать отображение иконок текущего количества одинаковых транспортных средств и дополнительную закладку в отдельном окне линии, на которой будет указана отдельная статистика по транспортному средству.

    Упрощение дизайна и количества действий в геймплее в данном случае не лучшее решение, по моему мнению.

    В любом случае игра отличная! Остальное нюансы))

    PS Переведено с русского с помощью сайта translate.ru Оригинал текста на русском ниже.



    >> “It would also be cool if the line window showed the vehicles with some indication of their current loadout.  That way, you could quickly see if more buses or trucks need to be added to a line.”

    nicker, one way you can do this is to check the Vehicles window, and order (group) by line name.  You can quickly see if all vehicles on each line are at max.

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