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  • in reply to: application freezes randomly #8089

    Hello there,

    I stuck with a problem, I thouth I had solved a a few days ago.

    Same problem. Game crashes at around the same time, in the game. Maening, if I load my current game, it is irrelevant if I run the game at normal speed or at max speed. Last time, I sold all my vehicle and then I let the game run for 2 ingame years. It passed the time when the game crashed the last time. I don’t realy know what is causeing this problem, but i do not realy want to start a new game.

    If there is a way to give you more details about the crash so you can work on it, i would cladly help. Maybe a crashrepot is created.

    Setting on which the problem acured:

    Large flat map.

    Line number: about 50

    Vehicle number: about 150-180

    in reply to: Frequency & Travel Time #7563

    frequency means, how often a vehicle comes by a station.

    For two diffrent stations it is pretty simple to say that, 1/2 of the frequency is travel time for thatvehicle.

    the magic 20 minutes limit does not refere to the travel time for a vehicle, but the time a passenger/cargo is willing to travel. meaning, the walk from his destination to the station and then travels by vehicle and then again walking from the station to the endstation. walktime point A to station+waiting time for vehicle+travel time with vehicle+ walktime station to point B.

    With faster vehilce and more stations we can influence the travel distance. with lowering the frequency on one lane we reduce the waiting time. 3 variable which can influence the travel distance.

    another thing that i do not yet know, how is frequency calculated with more stations. i don’t think it referes to a whole cylce of a vehicle, meaning how much time goes by until vehicle A reaches station A again.


    your example of the cargo is interesting, because that can mean two diffrend things.

    1. cargo does not care about waiting time (like you said)

    2. cargo production is not actualy frequend but more spontaneously (meaing: it will be produced, when in the next 20 miutes or less, cargo can reach a destination where it is needed, it will be produced)

    in reply to: Progress of Game and Performace issues #7242

    Yesterday, when my game crushed. the current game file was causeing the trouble, not the performance issue. I tried to fix it, but notheing help. After some testing, I found out, that some vehicle was causeing the crahs, so i sold every vehicle and did some testing, how long my game will run without crash. it ran smoothly for some years, so i stop the testing.

    currently i’m working on the line network. adding more cities to the network and get the tram system in the towns right.

    i’m currently at 350mil $ and i hope it will be enough to buy the whole system of vehicle again.

    in reply to: Progress of Game and Performace issues #7045

    was there an update?

    now my game crushes on those conditions:

    running on max gamespeed and have at least to windows open with calculation numbers. 🙁

    in reply to: Progress of Game and Performace issues #7013

    after a bit of testing, fps drops when:

    window with calcuated number is open

    when you wide area is visible via camera and runningcost numbers and income numbers are poping up.

    in reply to: Progress of Game and Performace issues #6971

    I also noticed, that when i open the Money Balance window, the game stucks for a moment and it shows old balance history and then jumps to the right ones. So, my gues is, when you open  a window with a buch of calculated numbers, the game will then refresh those numbers and calculate them in realtime, which is good, but with a line and vehicle number with more then 100 it strucks game performance.

    in reply to: Progress of Game and Performace issues #6954

    Something needs testing.

    i’ve got my game running with 3 windows open. Money Balance, Line Menu, Land Use. While playing, i realised, with aktive menues you get a drop of your frames. But it also can be a coincidence. Also, i played on window mode. i will change that now and do some fps testing.

    in reply to: What the "Frequency" in train fever means #6501


    when travel time is calculated the way i think it is, then you should not be above the 20 minute window. “Goods” and “Oil” are treated seperatly and everyone should have its own timeframe.

    to solve your problem you should check other things first.

    how long is this setup running?

    how much is the demand of that city?

    does the city get other “Goods” from another place?

    peronly, i’ve never used trains for industry duty. i only used trucks. maybe there is a problem when you are useing two diffrend transport typs for one production chain.


    in reply to: What the "Frequency" in train fever means #6490

    frequency is one of the two variables to influence travel time. second is, station postitioning.

    when traveltime is calculated as followed:

    walktime from point A to station + waiting time + drive distance + walktime from station to point B

    so the travel distance will change over the time, because of faster transportation options.


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    in reply to: What the "Frequency" in train fever means #6414


    sorry for that.

    All i wanted to say is.

    Traveltime is not the same as the frequency in the line menu.

    Passengers and cargo have a travel raduis of 20min (point A to B). By adding transportation with faster traveloptions, you increase this radius. That’s was most of the people say. I haven’t tested it myself.

    I think it was estimated by building a line with a distance with a longer traveltime with one vehicle. So the menu says “frequency 22 minutes”. No passengers/cargo was lining up for this line.

    I will do some testing on this, if you can extend the travel time of passengers/cargo by lowering the frequency on a line with a travel time >20min.

    I can not say, how people did get to the conclusion, walking time and waiting time is also been taken into acount. I’ve never done so much research in the forums.

    in reply to: Suggestion – Factories needs workers #6374

    You are right. We are talking about deep simulation. the game’s current simulation is pretty simple. 1 person wants to travel from point A (allways his/her home) to point B (work) or point C (commercial buildings) and back, but never from B to C as far as i know. The maximum travel time they are willing to do are 20 min. . All people are simulated that way, cargo is kinda the same way. When you want to change that, you need to think about balance more carfully.

    You can change the location of those points to be: workplace is the coal mine, but to actually get the mine going and get some goods you need you workers do go there. then building the acutal production chain. For every factory, this would be a hugh network, especially for the largest maps.

    I like the idea about the amusement park and other landmarks.

    To make this possible, we would need to change point B and C to change some times. Or maybe add onther point D for freetime activity.

    in reply to: What the "Frequency" in train fever means #6361

    So can it be said, as long as a line’s frequency less that 20 minutes, people will use the line?

    No, because waiting time is also being taken into acount.

    Max travel time a passenger is willing to walk on his own is 20

    travel time is calculated by: walktime from point A to station+wating time+drive distance+walktime to point B.

    the more stations are between A and B the more waiting time. So lower the frequency is for us (the transportation service company, the only way to increase the travel distance of passengers (more people are willing to take the transportation service and then will help the city grow) and to lower the travel time of passengers, which has the same results.

    the game is all about frequency.

    in reply to: What goods and where do they go… #6354

    When you set up a production chain, the result is not realy specified. The endproduct is allways the Cargo “Goods”.

    The town needs only the endproduct and everything is fine. To increase the grow of the city you need to cap this demand and provide a good setup of tram/bus system through out the city and a good conection to other cities (low frequency wins).

    If you want to increase the production of the factories around your city you need to lower the frequency between the factorys and the city.

    in reply to: Suggestion – Factories needs workers #6349

    This idea is realy good, but i think it needs a bit of fine tuning, at late game you get a pruduction of 100 units, so 2-3 would be to much.

    I suggest, like in the real world, production (unit/manpower) will change over time. In early years you need more people to create stuff and in modern days you need less men to creat the same amount or even more. So it could change over the time from 10/1 (worker/unit) to like 1/10. Those numbers have to be calculated to be more balanced.

    the other thing for this idea, we need to know if factories have a production cap per time line. i don’t know if you can get up to 100 units a few years into the game. if so, you could break the game mechanics and have a demand of 1000 people for that facility at around 20-30 years into the game, and that is the population of 3 whole cities.

    The idea is great, but needs more fine tuning.

    We will see, if there’s is going to be a mod, or the dev’s will work on such things.


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    in reply to: City development speed too LOW #6086

    I had the same problem and some people said, they got a city with a population of 800-900 at around 1980.

    You realy need to support the city, with good transportation and good fright transport. Currently i’m working on a map with focus on two cities supported by all things. but it can take a while for me to get some usefull results.

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