Crowdfunding campaign enters the home stretch

We are excited that the crowdfunding campaign is doing very well and that in all likelihood we can realize Train Fever. If you plan to do an additional investment, please consider to do this as early as possible. Crowdfunding campaigns typically speed up towards the end.

Currently we are in negotiations with several potential publishing partners and we are very close to make a final deal. This is good news for all fans and investors, because with making a deal as soon as possible we can minimize risk. We can fully concentrate on the development, and the publishing partner can already prepare an optimal marketing and distribution strategy.

We look forward to developing a great game with the goal to meet the demands of the transport simulation community and to make it a financial success for all crowdfunding investors!

3 thoughts on “Crowdfunding campaign enters the home stretch

  1. Looks like you made it, despite the fact we US folks couldn’t help out. Congratulations!! Looking forward to the final product!!

  2. Hello TrainFever Team,

    I am missing an important feature on your site, I am really interested in your game but found no way to follow your progress.
    Some kind of RSS, Facebook any newsletter? Give us a way to follow your nice game!


  3. Congrats on reaching your goal! I’m a US citizen and wish I could’ve been more help. Is there any way for us to follow the development via a forum etc.? I would love to keep following this until launch and give you guys a plug where ever I can.

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