Vehicles overview and Merry Christmas

First of all, we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season and success in the coming year. Thank you for your interest, support, feedback, comments and questions during the last year. We would like to let you know that your participation is very welcome.

Just in time before Christmas we are ready to give you an overview of the vehicles in Train Fever.

The game features vehicles from more than 150 years of transportation history (1850 – 2000+). Today we show a part (about one third) of the vehicles which will be contained in the initial release. All images below are made with our in-game rendering engine, so they will look quite similar in the final game. Of course, they are still in development.

We start with steam, diesel and electric locomotives in chronological order:

Next we list train cars. They can be arbitrarily combined with locomotives. Note that there are also freight train cars available (however we show only one freight car for goods here):

Streetcars (trams) are a great way to master transport within cities. They are lighter and shorter than trains and – most important – they can handle more curvature. Note that the first streetcar is actually a horse-driven streetcar (unfortunately the horse is still missing on the picture 😉 ). Here are a few streetcar examples:

Buses and trucks are the ideal choice for local and medium distance transport. They are much cheaper than trains and might be a good alternative especially on hilly terrain. The first picture shows a carriage, which will be available at the beginning of the game:

These and many more vehicles are still in development (in total the game will feature about 30 trains). Most of the vehicles are from Europe (especially Germany and Switzerland), but we will also add some more vehicles from other countries. In any case, we plan to support modding (adding user-created vehicles), and there is also the possibility to create DLCs after the initial release.

49 thoughts on “Vehicles overview and Merry Christmas

  1. Woow it’s really amazing! Models looks great and very realistic, I really like it.
    Special thanks for the support modding. You know, all players want to see in game vehicles from their region, so I hope what after the release russian-speaking modders (including me :D) can make the same beautiful vehicles, like your. 🙂
    Btw, in childhood I had German model railway, and now I know what it was Br 75.4 with Di-21! 😀

    So, russian translate – on the Transport games site, of course. 🙂
    Now with new like-Train Fever design! 🙂
    Btw, Train Fever has russian wiki-page now.

    Happy New Year and Marry Christmas to you! Thanks for your work and merry holiday. 🙂

    By the way, what will be in the next update in 2014? 🙂

  2. Amazing pictures!!! It will turn my holidays into realy happy waiting! Merry Christmass all of you guys! And thanks for your great job!

  3. Happy holidays y’all!

    These models look awesome, every single one of them!
    And every post here makes me more exited about Train-Fever.

    I do have some questions though:
    Will you also make articulated buses?
    Will you also make trucks that tow trailers?
    Do the buses, trucks and diesel and steam engines need to stop for fuel?
    Will vehicles randomly break down after some time?
    Couldou also make a big transport company without trains or do you NEED to use trains?
    Will the horses that pull the cars be slaughtered and sold as beef? (joke)

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

    • Oh and another thing:
      Don’t you need some kind of license from the truck and bus manufactores to use their brand-name in the game? (MAN, Opel, Benz, Volvo)
      Or will you change the names to something else like Valva instead of Volvo?

  4. WOW really beautiful pictures. Amazing detailed. Cant wait for it!
    Please make sure they all have great noises attached. I love train noise, who doesn’t?!?

    Happy holidays for you guys too! 🙂 For the bottom of my heart I wish you an extremely successful 2014.
    Train Fever will sell more than Call of Duty! 😀

  5. Extremely amazing to watch your progress, plans, and on top of all the results of your hard work!
    I really CANNOT wait to get hands on this game and start playing (and Let’s Playing) it!!!

    Now have a nice Christmas and a happy new year!

  6. Merry Christmas and a happy new year~!

    Moreover, I would like to know few question:

    1. Is that all of the vehicle will have the animation of open/close door or other action? (Where the pre-alpha video show)
    2. There is no EMU/DMU in this update, would you like to introduce some feature of them? What will the EMU/DMU different from the locomotive and carriage in game?
    3. What will be the content of next update?
    4. When will be the close beta start? I remember there will be priority for Gambitious investor.


  7. I’m not gonna lie, but these are some amazing looking pieces of rolling stock. Tip of the iceberg, you guys imply? Then hot D***, this is gonna be a fantastic game!

  8. Wauw, amazing. I’m pleasantly surprised by the streetcar (tram) pictures. Didn’t expect them. They will be a great asset to the game.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Love Peace Happiness – merry xmas

    Deeply impressed by the design work and construction realism.
    I set my hope on TrainFever. Seems to become my favourite 🙂

    Stay healthy – eat well & be back @work a.s.a.p.

  10. This is looking truly amazing! Great news about moddability and DLCs! Getting the community involved is key in my mind to ensure many hours, days and years of finding new ways of playing!

    Enjoy the holidays!

  11. Beautiful stuff so far guys. Hopefully you are going to hit a home run here. Operational abilities still to be discovered of course.

    Although this is not ready for Christmas, it should be ready for my birthday in June and I have already told my girlfriend that I want it as my gift from her.

    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you all!

  12. Thanks for this great update. The vehicles are looking superb. Can’t wait to play any more.

    Besides articulated buses I’m missing regional buses for intercity services at the moment. I imagine bus lines going up mountain areas like Postauto in Switzerland. Maybe you could even introduce a typical Postauto bus such as a Saurer RH or a NAW BH 4-23.

    A question about the trams: will there also be bi-directional vehicles in the game?

  13. It’s time for a few questions! 🙂

    1. In CiM our company has own color and all vehicles partially painted in this color. Will be something like that in TF? Of course, at first I mean trams and buses.

    2. Will we be able to attached and detached trailer cars of trams? For example, if I want to send to line only motor wagon of Typ T1, or motor with two trailer cars?

    2.2. If yes – will be able to attached different types of trams? Example from IRL:
    On this photo – motor wagon Kh with trailer KM (but motor KM = KP, well, look this photo:
    I think in Europe was also something like that. Duewag B4, for example: it worked with Duewags T4, GT6 and GT8.

    2.3. How about multiple unit of trams? When combined two motor wagons, like in this screenshot:

  14. Ich muß sagen, daß ich über die Fahrzegasuwahl bisher recht erfreut bin. Sehr schön, daß die badische VIc dabei ist! Die VIc ist meiner Meinung nach ein heruasragendes Beispiel für eine frühe Streckentenderlokomotive.

    Einziger kleiner Kritikpunkt ist, daß die Räder mancher Fahrezuge recht eckig aussehen. Dies fällt insbesondere bei der A 3/5 auf. Könnte man den Detailgrad dynamisch machen, so daß Besitzer leistungsfähigerer Graphikkarten rundere Räder sehen?


  15. Looks good sofar. Hope that a K.BAY.STS.B. S3/6 in green livery (Era I b, 1907-1920) will be added with matching coaches. Well, all the motive power may be added of this very well known Staatsbahn. Also the electric locomotive EG1 of 1914 with for that time a revolutionairy 1 motor per axle traction.

  16. It’s so good to finally start seeing regular content updates by this community funded project, too. Merry Christmas to the team.

  17. …and one more question. 😀 Will be in game the road tractors with semi-trailers (like DAF XF)? And if yes – will we able to hook to this trucks different types of semi-trailers?

  18. I see you are doing well with your project. Looks very… promising.

    But I want developers to pay attention to a very vital part of the gameplay.

    From your single gameplay video (year 2012) I can see the money are being spent right after placing every part of the future route. This is a problem, because later, after few screen scrolls, player can realize that he made a half or more of the route in a quite wrong way. And here comes the pain: the money are being already spent. This can affect on the impressions about the whole game.

    I demand the following gameplay concept:
    1. The route design mode (placing series of track segments which are the part of the route, even when screen scrolling is needed; placing stations at this stage is also appreciated).
    2. Ability to redesign any segment, mentioned in ‘1’ (remove a part of the future route, and place it the other way).
    3. Pay for the construction of the designed route after a player is happy with its design.
    4. Actual constructing of the designed track (player’s actions are not needed at this stage; only his money and in-game time are needed).

    And yes, this demand is based on experience from Trains and Trucks Tycoon game, where the design mode is excellent, but with a lack of few features (add one more track to route, etc.)

    I ask other people – future players: back this demand if you agree.

    • I like this idea, but I’m not sure if there’s enough time left to implement it.

  19. Also here are some thoughts for multiplayer mode in a “Tycoon” genre (maybe not that original): imagine a fusion of gameplay from Transport Tycoon, Industrial Giant and Farming Giant in one multiplayer game environment. Every player is in control of a specialized company (transport company, industrial company or farming company). Every object (placed by players) of those companies is in constant processing, so a company produces goods or transport services no matter whether players are joined to the server’s session or not. Players just join to server for an hour(s) a day to check how the companies they have formed (built its infrastructure) do their work. Also players watch changes on the current map’s market (changes in companies, made by the other players, their owners) – new factories, new products, new demands in a part of map, etc.)

    Lets look at this concept from a point of view of a player ‘T’, which owns a transport company on a running server. Player comes home at evening, runs a game, joins a server and sees his friend ‘I’ (which runs an industrial company) for the last 48 hours has stopped producing coal mining at north of map, but has started to produce electricity on his new nuclear plant at the south of the map, generating a new demand ‘nuclear fuel’ in that location. ‘I’ player’s company receives raws by subjunctive transport services with a very low effectiveness. Also, player ‘T’ notices new wheat farm created by player ‘F’ nearby, demanding even more new transport services. So player ‘T’ has a lot of work to do: remove the old ‘coal route’ (leave tracks if needed), construct a new track to south, with forks for plant and farm…

    If player ‘I’ is absent for a week, server counts this as industrial company owner dies (player gets few warnings via mail box). Other server visitors (observers) are now able to buy that company to get in its control.

    I think such a concept would be an ultimate, a very successful multiplayer economical simulation game, which unite three gamer communities: transport, industry and farming. …And city building?!

    • I like your ideas, such concepts would be great. However, the gameplay would become far more complex. Someone should take the challenge though: develop a game (city building / transport) as a platform for other features! It may be difficult and beyond the scope of Train Fever; I always wondered why no-one made a OpenTTD/SimCity2k3k crossover, or even SimCity/Sims… I suppose managing different features and codes may eventually turn out to be too interesting 😉

  20. Good to see progress is carrying on nicely. As for international trains may I make the suggestion of the standard suburban Sydney electrics? Very nice looking and easy enough to make a 3d model of. Nice semi-streamlined design.

    It’d be nice to see them running in the game. Definitely the best representative of Australian trains.

    Either that or a silver double deck electric, they are also quite iconic and representative of Australian modern trains.

    Being born in Adelaide I’ll also give a mention of the DMUs on the transAdelaide network

  21. Many questions have been asked again, and here are the answers:

    Will there be articulated buses?


    What will be in the next update in 2014?

    Certainly we continue with updates in 2014. However, the next update has not yet been defined.

    Will you also make trucks with two trailers?

    Most likely yes.

    Do the buses, trucks and diesel and steam engines need to stop for fuel?

    No. We decided to not include this in the game design.

    Will vehicles randomly break down after some time?

    No. Instead, maintenance costs increase with the age of a vehicle. Also, old vehicles are less attractive for passengers. Therefore, it’s no good idea to run lines with old vehicles.

    Could you also make a big transport company without trains or do you NEED to use trains?

    You can do that. However, for long distance destinations with minimal elevation difference trains are the optimal choice. If you don’t use trains, your lines might be less efficient and less profitable.

    Will the horses that pull the cars be slaughtered and sold as beef? (joke)

    No answer here 😉 but we are aware that “features” like this are the small things which can make a game fun and turn a game into a classic 😉

    Don’t you need some kind of license from the truck and bus manufactories to use their brand-name in the game?

    This is a difficult topic. Of course, we have addressed this question in detail, but we don’t want to explain all details here. Just this: All vehicles listed in this update will appear with the original design and names in the game.

    Is that all of the vehicle will have the animation of open/close door or other action?

    Basically, vehicle wheels, doors and pantographs are animated.

    There is no EMU/DMU in this update, would you like to introduce some feature of them?

    EMU trains will be available in the game, but have simply not been featured in this update.

    When will be the close beta start?

    Beta start will be announce on our website. There is no date specified yet.

    I’m missing regional buses for intercity services at the moment.

    Regional/intercity buses will be available in the game.

    A question about the trams: will there also be bi-directional vehicles in the game?

    As answered above, there will be EMU trains. There are no plans for bi-directional trams.

    In CiM our company has its own color and all vehicles are partially painted in this color. Will there be something like that in TF?

    Because the initial version of Train Fever will be single-player only, we decided to not support vehicles with user-chosen colors.

    Will we be able to attach and detach trailer cars of trams? For example, if I want to send to line only motor wagon of Typ T1, or motor with two trailer cars?

    Most likely this will be possible.

    If yes – will we be able to attach different types of trams?

    There are no plans for this.

    What is the width of the tram tracks in the game?

    The width of the tram tracks is 1 meter.

    Can we have rounder wheels (at least if a powerful graphics card is available)?

    Yes, this should be no problem. All vehicles are still in development.

    Will there also be non-company owned vehicles (cars) traveling between cities?

    Yes, the city inhabitants go to work, shopping and leisure. Some of them own a car and use the car to travel.

    Also, many thanks for the game-play and train suggestions. We certainly consider your input!

    Best wishes for the New Year! Regards,

    Basil Weber
    Urban Games

      • Thanks indeed!

        And most answers to difficult in-development questions are ‘yes’, which sadly is a rarity amongst current games 😀 (even related to dead horses)

        Keep up the good work!

  22. Thank you very much, Basil! Your answers are very interesting, I hope you have enough time to do everything planned 😉

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  23. Happy New Year !!

    Everything is great, keep up the good work. I’m so glad to hear there will be modding, ugc, and dlc. To me this is how a game stays alive long after its release date.

  24. Yet another very, very exciting update! 😀 And the answers post makes it all even better! Pretty much anything people ask to see in the game is answered with a ‘yes’, which makes it all very promising 🙂

    One thing you mentioned in particular caught my attention, and I’d like to share some thoughts about it. I really like the idea of city inhabitants finding their own way if you don’t serve them with the transport lines they require. It’s a great thing you do it that way! It reminded me of the supply & demand system of Railroad Tycoon 3: if you don’t move cargo around, it will find its way itself. But most importantly: the amount you get paid is directly related to the supply in the area where you pick it up and the demand in the area where it gets offloaded. In Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion (and I believe also Transport Tycoon) you just get paid according to (distance*amount)/time. That resulted in very weird situations that really screw up the gameplay: suppose a power plant and a coal mine are next to each other, and another coal mine is at the other side of the map. In the real world, the power plant would get its coal cheaply from the coal mine next to it. In Locomotion however, you can earn tons of money by doing the illogical: haul coal from across the map and sell it to the power plant at a ridiculous price that a real-world power plant would’ve never paid for it. The RT3 system is immune to this: you get paid much less if you try this, because you are transporting coal towards a place that already has some supply of coal. And if you bring more cargo than there is demand in the area, the area gets saturated and you earn no more money for your efforts since you are transporting stuff against the gradient.

    I would really LOVE to see a similar system in Train Fever. The game is already going to be so incredibly realistic, it’s really exciting to see what you guys are pulling off here. Therefore I hope the cargo/payment system will also be realistic 🙂 The fact that you have the inhabitants behaving like this is just awesome, I hope the rest will be in the same vein 🙂

    And on a second note: GREAT that you’re supporting user-created vehicles. Of course I as a Dutchie hope you will come up with a Dutch DLC pack someday, but if you don’t at least there’s the possibility of making the Dutch trains as a community project!

    Thanks and keep it up!!


  25. One thing I forgot to mention in my last post…

    I really like the fact that TF (Train Fever, NOT Team Fortress) is going to include rolling stock that isn’t just American or British. Now, you guys may remember my suggestion for American rolling stock in one of my comments on the Pre-Alpha Demonstration video on Youtube, but that was then, and this is now. I’ve had time to think over what I said and look back at other transport games, and I realized that every time there’s American trains, there’s THE SAME F***ING LOADOUT OF ENGINES (I.E. a 4-4-0 American, a 2-8-0 Consolidation, a 4-8-4 Northern in Southern Pacific Daylight colors, a 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, an F-Type Diesel, a GP-Type Diesel, and a GG-1 Electric). The only other time I can remember Central European trains in a transport game was in Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion, and that game’s roster of engines from the former was rather small (Only 3 steam engines, no diesels, and the electric engines don’t get to see their full potential because of the 16-square-long station limit) and uninteresting after a while. Here, I’m happy to say that while this roster of trains is a bit underwhelming, it’s still bigger and looks more interesting (Central Europe dished out FOUR steam engines, TWO diesels, and FOUR electrics (Crap, I sounded like the Introductory Train Ride from MSTS when I said that, didn’t I?)). And you say that not only is this only a third of all the vehicles, but there will be DLCs? To that, I say F***ING YES!

    Overall, I enjoy these new trains, as I believe they are a breath of fresh air in transport games, and while I still hope to see at least a small amount of North American rolling stock in a future DLC, I think this is an awesome start. Combine that with a new dose of realism, great looking graphics, a massive map size, and a splash of Minecraft’s random terrain generator, I honestly can say that this is a game I can’t wait to play, no matter what.

    P.S. Will you guys make anymore trailer and/or gameplay videos in the future? I would like to see what the game looks like in action later on.

  26. Hey guys,
    Your models are great! Especially – Re 620 and Class A4.
    I think you know, that in Switzerland some InterCity trains consist of EW IV coachs.
    As I know, the are also driven be Re 620 passenger coach with driver’s cab. Are we going to see such trains?

  27. typical Swiss vehicles! they look awesome to me, the game is going to be a big hit ! .)

  28. Thank you for the Lot of Swiss Trains i find this Fantastic 🙂 i hope for e fast Release


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