A first major stability patch

During the last days we had been following all discussions in the forums and also on Steam. In addition, we analyzed crash reports and we have been listening to all emails and feedback sent to us. As a result, we have just released a first major stability patch, which should fix the most important crashes.

We found out that the game was not playable due to crashes for about 1-2% of all customers, even with up-to-date graphics card drivers. With this first major stability patch we hope to bring this percentage down. However, please note that the patch will not bring this percentage to zero, so we kindly ask you for patience even if the patch does not help for your specific system. You can be sure that we do all possible efforts also in the next days.

Please find the release notes of the patch here.

Still we would like to emphasize that you should update the graphics card driver as soon as you experience a crash. For that, please use one of the following links (don’t use Windows auto update etc.):

AMD graphics cards
NVIDIA graphics cards
INTEL graphics cards

Also we would like to remind you to be patient especially during the first launch of the game. Due to texture compression and similar tasks the first launch can take several minutes. Just wait and don’t kill the game.

In the next days, we’ll continue to work on the announced improvements (“Post release plans”).

Thanks for your interest in Train Fever!

20 thoughts on “A first major stability patch

  1. Really nice! Even though I haven’t experienced any crashing problems myself it’s good you’re focusing on that first. Looking forward to the next patch to get to see some of the “post release plans” improvements 🙂

  2. A little suggestion. If that possible, on the game start, if system drivers aren’t the latest, make an ingame message for the players with a link to install the latest drivers.

    • Are you all right? Show me one game that does that.
      Do you realize how many possible graphics cards there are? How about future graphics cards, do you expect the devs to continue to research driver compatibility and download links for years coming?
      It’s not the game’s task to manage your graphics drivers for you (reminding you of it).
      You just have to keep it up-to-date your own, for all games anyway.

  3. I totally understand there needs to be done a lot of work. But one suggestion: Create a good loading screen so people do not kill the program process because nothing seem to happen. Make the texture compression part of the loading screen.

  4. How do I get the patch? I still have the release build 4215. Where should I download it (except for Steam)?

  5. the game holding in first time game feature
    please find and fix the problem
    thank you

  6. I just started playing the game on mac. Can only play small map otherwise game keeps crashing… Fun gameplay but I would really like to try at least a medium map :-S

  7. Under Linux I’m still not able to get past the “new game” screen. Very disappoiting and again another bad example of a too early release.

  8. Hey all,

    thanks for the update so far. As i am in vacation I did Not have the Time to check whether this fixes my major problem with starting the program.

    But during my first startups my whole PC crashed everytime and I figured out, that it has a huge problem with my COMODO Firewall! As soon as this program is closed, the Game is just fine.

    Maybe this could help some people.

  9. How can we download this patch? I just bought the Game and found that there is an Open GL Issue.

    the Error is

    Open GL Context Creation Failed
    (ogl_loadfunctions failed)

    My VGA card is based on the Intel HD 3000 chip-set on a Toshiba Satellite L755 Laptop. i have the latest driver form Toshiba

    How can i get this going? Very disappointed that the game does not load on my Laptop.

    Thanks and Regards


  10. I bought the game via steam and on installing I get an error of missing exec file. It is blocked because my anti-virus detects a malicious “Heur” virus in the file.
    To my regret it happens every time I try to reinstall the game.
    Any suggestions except disable my anti-virus ?

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