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We had a brilliant launch and we are very pleased that first game reviews draw positive conclusions! For instance, the most important German game magazine GameStar rated Train Fever with “very good” and 82%. For a debut title of a small team like ours this is just awesome!

Let us say a big thank you to everyone who bought the game. You can be sure that we care about you and your input also in the future.

We are excited that there are a lot of discussions about Train Fever, especially in the Community-Hub on Steam. Of course, there are also critical votes which we take very serious. This project was based on community feedback since the very beginning (crowdfunding) and it’s absolutely sure that we will carefully listen to the community also in the future.

This said, it should be clear that there will be serious updates for the game in the next weeks. You may wonder how our plans for the next days look like. Let us give a short summary:

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce size of save game files
  • Optimize support for people who cannot start the game
  • Various small visual polish and UI improvements
  • Provide Mac and Linux versions

Official release notes for every update will be published. A first small patch will already be published later today.

Thanks again for your interest in the game and for your feedback!

45 thoughts on “Post release plans

  1. Hi devs. Please, fix the problem with rails. In exaple – make a X rail switch and fix problem with logic trains when they choose a way in multi-rail paths.

  2. Great to hear you have post release plans and aren’t going to reduce support at all. Looking forward to the coming updates. I’m hoping for rail improvements.

    And as a suggestion, what about pre-designed rail modules we could buy and place in one go, would be a good way to built the more complicated junctions with ease, such as 4 leaf clovers. Rather than struggling with getting the rails the right height, leaving the right amount of space, collisions etc.

  3. Hi,
    Your game is ambitious but don’t just wait feedback to patch or add functionality!
    It’s long time no good railroad managment/strategy game! Your it beauty full, but it missing to many option in, lest brain rework train station to add option (add/del station platform, add/del bus stop in train station parvie …)
    good continuation for next

  4. Great review on GameStar. I look forward to the Linux version so that I can actually play the game πŸ™‚

  5. I am cheating and playing the Win version (altho I am pretty sure I bought from Steam in Ubuntu). but I am also waiting for Linux version so I don’t have to boot win again for this. πŸ™‚
    Gz for the launch again, try get some sleep, then we’re awaiting for some patches. πŸ™‚

  6. How about first fixing important bugs like the track laying sometimes not working on flat terrain before starting development on new platforms?

    If you do not know, on flat terrain sometimes the track laying decides the track has to go up and starts building a ramp just to go steep down after 100 or 200 meter and even starts building a tunnel! This is on perfectly flat terrain alongside a river. As long as things like that do not work properly the game is not fun at all!

      • I noticed this as well, and I can confirm that the gradient button was untouched.
        I dont see how its possible to accidentally click that button at all, since its only visible once you stop laying the track and have the confirm/cancel buttons available.

  7. Thanks for a great game πŸ™‚ I have a few suggestions:

    Please add twin rails. Currenty it is sometimes almost impossible to add a passing loop; I just get the “collision” error.

    Often it is hard to add a train depot because the junction requires so much space. Please make it easier to build rail junctions and allow steeper curves (but with a huge speed penalty).

    • Go to a real train station and have a look: the depots are parallel to tracks not after a 90 degree turn!

  8. Nice to see that you’re continuing support for the game. πŸ™‚

    Which is, unfortunately, quite necessary. For a game called “Train Fever”, the train part of it seems a bit … underdeveloped, both in functionality and usability.
    The basic features are all there, they just need a lot of work. Hopefully, with the release of the game, the funds to continue work will be there. So far, it looks really promising. πŸ™‚

  9. Please first help those who can’t even start the game. If I look arround in the forum I see a lot of them… Then really think of all this collision errors in building…It can get so annoying

  10. A little list:

    – Waypoints for lines (allows better streamlined (speed) lines to bypass slower ones)
    – Spreading time for all vehicles. Use the ‘frequency’ and then determine for the second train when to leave or not. Calculation is already done!? why not use it ?!
    – X junctions
    – Double track junctions (a track that can cross 2 tracks)
    – Destroy buildings when confirm road/railroad after dragging
    – Drag road over rail -> auto build railroadcrossing (its only working only for rail over road)
    – Multi platform use for train stations (now it’s fixed.. 1 platform per line (why??))
    – Auto replace vehicles in years
    – Less fog in the game its kinda dull
    – Option to buy land (for the future)
    – Better UI: Put important vehicle stats above less important description)
    – Better UI: Renaming select all and delete (or when you type new name, delete current text)
    – Option to rename towns (some are really long, i name my lines after 2 connected end cities)
    – Only use 1 autosave file instead of 10..
    – Option for steep sheet piling (makes sunken railroad less wide and allows better bridging above)

    • “Waypoints for lines (allows better streamlined (speed) lines to bypass slower ones)”
      – Why?, IA should be smart enough to streamline the trains, so fast trains bypass the slow ones.

      “Auto replace vehicles in years”
      – It should be easier to replace vehicles but there are some achievements attached to keeping the old ones

      “Option to buy land (for the future)”
      – This is useless as long as the game is single player, and why do you want to buy land, you could demolish everything.

      “Better UI: Renaming select all and delete (or when you type new name, delete current text)”
      – Or just place your cursor in the middle of the name and type

      “Option to rename towns”
      – I thought this is already possible

      “Only use 1 autosave file instead of 10..”
      – 10 is OK only they should be smaller, you don’t want to have only one autosave when building a new (very) long line. Which takes 2 years to build and after one year you only loose money on it (This are 3 autosaves)

      Other things I would like:
      – Add ordering in the lines overview
      – Add a minimap
      – Add multiplayer
      – Add vehicles to a line, when you opened line details
      – Upgrade/downgrade track/stations
      – Plains/Ships
      – More freight, catlle, milk, food….
      – Creating (Road) tunnels under railways/stations

  11. My suggestion
    Station can be built part by part. For example, the fundamental part of one station is a kind of track with a platform, then you can combine it with other tracks-only or tracks-with-platform. In this way, you can build overtaking tracks in a station and you will not worry about the limit on the number of platforms in a station.

  12. ‘Optimize support for people who cannot start the game’
    ‘A first small patch will already be published later today.’

    I see that didn’t include a fix for AVG thinking TrainFever.exe is a virus and removing it. Sick of jumping through multiple hoops just to get the game started.

  13. My Suggestions:

    – trains should be able to choose an empty Platform at the Station! Thats very important!
    – it should be possible to build x-crossings for trains
    – more signals
    – Stations should be easily expandable with more platforms
    – empty rides should not cost so much

  14. Bridges over land.
    I find it hard to build nice bridges over flat railroads. Let’s say you have a huge station with 5 platforms. 4 of them have rails going flat, while the 5th should cross over from left to right. I would like to increase elevation and then let it cross over the 4 others by bridge.

    Of course, this is also handy when buliding roads over the railroad close, or inside, the cities.

  15. I suppose it is already done, otherwise perhaps an idea to have some management of the play saves.
    I mean, that you can delete the game saves you don’t need. Or maybe that the autosave overrides the last autosave, so you always have only the last autosave of the game you’re in.

  16. There are issues that make the game unplayable for me:
    1) the game is stuttering pretty much every time camera isnt pointing straight down, when it is rendering distant areas
    2) the maps are quite dull, ridiculous amount of farms, not enough trees&rocks and grass color is too radioactive
    3) it is impossible to build a station into an already existing track, if you build it next to the track and try to connect it, you will have problems with steepness if the terrain isnt completely flat because you cant control the elevation of stations

  17. I wonder if they have thought about putting the game in other languages ​​such as Spanish?

  18. Can I just say. What you have done so far is outstanding. I and a lot of people have been waiting for a game like this to come out for a long time. Yes there are improvements to be made especially to performance on large maps and across the board. Yes we are going to experience bugs and other problems, but from what you guys are saying gives me great confidence that you will iron them out like a shirt that’s just come out of the drier. Please build upon this game! Yes you see people complain, but they don’t know how to do this constructively so don’t take them to heart because as I’ve said, what you have done already is awesome!


    • Its ‘crashing’ not ‘crushing’. If the game has a crush well.. i just wonder on who πŸ˜›

    • System requirements have now also been added to the buy section:

      OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
      Additional Notes: Mouse with wheel

      It’s not yet optimal on Intel HD 4000 cards, with the right driver it works on occasion. In general it’s important to update your graphics card driver. There will be a patch soon with better Intel HD 4000 support.

  19. Ok! I have accumulated 30m by 1876 or something and I am understanding how things tick, gotta say its enjoyable and intensely absorbing. I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM; I am now spending over 80% of my in-game time replacing retiring vehicles. This just isn’t right. I like the way you have done things and I reject many of the complaints as simply not understanding the game dynamics so I would hate to see you just put in a “replace” button. But understanding how the databases that support an engine like this work it should be possible to schedule a replacement by buying a replacement that sits in the depot and then one schedules the vehicle to drop of its current load and return itself to depot where you can click “sell” after it arrives. That sound like a nice working model for doing it where it is not like a cheat but will alleviate the laborious task of doing nothing but replace tired vehicles once you get to more than 70 lines, PLEEEZE! this is spoiling the game. I’m working around all the other stuff people are moaning about and I understand the philosophy behind your design and love it but this is a deal breaker for me and will be for many!

  20. I can’t wait for the Mac version to come out. You say that it’s going to be released today, but is that still true or will it be delayed because you have to integrate the important updates ?

    I hope it will run on my Mac Book Air 13″ mid-2013 (8GB Ram, Intel HD5000, i7), required specs say it does…

  21. Yesterday I finally found some time to try the game. I am a sponsor from day one and I am very happy with the beautiful game you guys made! However I have some suggestions as well:

    The learning cycle is very steep. There should be a tutorial to make the game attractive for a lot more people.

    Why aren’t there other (AI) players in the game? Like the classic Transport Tycoon it’s great to go up against other “tycoons”. This would be a great feature and would make the game much more into a … Game.

    Looking forward to new features and additions,


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