Save game compression, freight waggon fill level display and more languages

Today, we have released another game update (build 4363).

First and most important, we have implemented save game compression. As a consequence, save games are about three times smaller now. This was one of the top community requests.

Second, freight train waggons now display the amount of freight loaded. In other words, the fill level of open freight waggons (coal, iron ore) is now visualized.

Third, we have translated the game into additional languages. The game can now also be played in French, Japanese and Chinese.

Please find the complete release notes here.

As a next step, we focus on performance improvements. We are aware that some players experience performance problems especially with medium and large maps. We are confident that we can deliver a major performance update soon.

Thanks for your continuing interest in Train Fever! You can be sure that more patches, improvements and also some new features will be released in the next weeks.

28 thoughts on “Save game compression, freight waggon fill level display and more languages

  1. Some French translations are missing :

    – In Settings, Audio (volume settings), Controls and Advanced
    – The “new” “Delete” button for savegames
    – Small Train Depot
    – Small Bus/Tram Stop
    – Small and Medium Truck Station
    – Landscraping

    and maybe more I haven’t seen.

    But your game is really amazing. Thank you very much.

    I play it like a living model railway (and more too much as a business game).

    Some new features which could be good, among others :

    – A mini-map
    – Slowly calendar (but normal speed for moving)
    – View from the driver eye (in Bus/Tram/Train)

    Thanks again.

    Roland Wagener

  2. I really like your game. Having lived in Switzerland for a long time I enjoy the European town and vehicle setup. It is great you guys are improving the game with frequent updates. Personally I believe that the option of an interactive mini-map would be appreciated by me and a lot of people. It will make navigation so much easier then constantly scrolling trough the game surface. Also when clicking on a vehicle it would be great that it can bring you to their location, similar as in Cities in Motion 2 . Just some ideas and wishes that would help us all I think.
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    R.K United States

    • Robert, in the top left corner of vehicle windows (or any windows of an object) you see a symbol that looks like the gear from chrome settings. This is the follow button which will take you directly to its location.

  3. And in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian language? If you do not want to translate, you could give the tools and instructions to do the fans.

  4. If you want to focus on performance-issues because of the map size, I want to point you to this issue and the strange, invisible landscape outside of the map borders:

    and i don’t know where the community stands on this as a whole, just my wish would be, that you focus on issues, which severely dimminish the playability of the game. like the buggy truck depots. though I also like a visual feedback on the fill level of cargo cars. but thinking of that, it reminds me also of the bug, which allows to transport twice or trice the maximum load when loading different cargo types at the same time. … you get my point, i guess.

    keep it up!

    • The producer of Windows XP itself (Microsoft) has ceased all support, why should the developers offer support for an obsolete operating system? I think it’s time to move on to Windows 7 or Windows 8. BTW, Windows 8 works OKish even on old Pentium 4 machines that are way below this game’s requirements.

    • As wyqtor said, as a consumer you should not be running Windows XP at all. It is unsupported, which means you don’t receive security patches for your operating system. As far as developers of games are concerned, Windows XP is a thing of the past. If your computer is up-to-date in terms of hardware, you can upgrade to Windows 8, or install a modern GNU/Linux distribution such as Ubuntu 14.04; Train Fever runs well on both as long as your hardware is up to scratch.

    • Windows XP is listed as supported operating system under game description in Steam so I think I have every right to expect for it to be supported

        • “Windows XP” is 32 bit. Later, they released a distinct “x64” edition of it, and it was used by so few people that it has rarely had as much support at the standard 32 bit version.
          Windows 7 was the first time they released both concurrently, and aimed for the x64 bit version to be the standard platform.
          If you’re using XP x64, you’re picking about the most obscure recent Windows platform to expect support for. There can’t be more than a handful of people using it, and it really isn’t going to be worth any developers’ time to offer support for it.

  5. The freight wagons for coal and iron ore look nice now, it’s quite a noticeable change.

  6. Love the animation. Simple little changes like this make the game much more interesting to watch and makes it seem more “ready-for-prime-time” and finished.

    There are some weird results though. One of my trains carries both coal and iron ore. After picking up the ore, it stops at the coal mine. Even though there are empty cars the coal fills the first car which is already filled with ore. The coal amount is added to the cargo amount and the ore stays the same (so nothing is actually lost), but the animation isn’t exactly right.

    However, to me this is a great improvement. Maybe the piles at the industries could grow and shrink which would be cool.

    Visual animations are very important and make the game more realistic and enjoyable. Locomotion has such things and it is 10 years old!

    I would love to see flashing lights and lowering gates at grade crossings too!

    • Yep, that is probably a bug: If a vehicle can transport more than one kind of goods, they’re counted separately. So a carriage which can transport 8 coal + 8 iron will be loaded with 8 coal AND 8 iron. The same with the trucks – they can carry X amount of each good *simultaneously*.

    • Sorry, but totally disagree. The game is much too static. The train cargo system is pretty boring. Nothing really happens except a few numbers change. People want to see visual animation. Vehicles should carry different goods and industries should grow and build as a result of your game play. Signals should change colors and semaphore arms should move. Grade crossings should have flashing lights and lowering gates.

      The game still seems very much a beta product and unfinished. I hate to say it (cause I greatly support this effort), but I sometimes go back and play Locomotion because it is more fun and interesting.

      There is something missing here. I am just hoping the developers keep changing things for the better. The reviews haven’t overall been that good and I really want this to succeed. This is not the new Transport Tycoon or Locomotion. It just isn’t. Let’s hope it becomes that soon.


  7. Dear Urban Games,
    Please add the F.A.Q. section to the string at the top of this site. Thank you!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. I have been away for the weekend an now I see this update, but The game won’t start anymore.
    I have tried 5 times to launch my Train Fever game, but the only thing that happens is a black screen, with a mouse-arrow and the TrainFever Music. Nothing apse happens.

    I have even to shut down the computer (iMac) with the shutdown-button and restart te computer again.
    I have checked (via the Steam Menu the TF files, here comes no message, so I suppose they are OK.
    NBut nevertheless the game won’t start anymore.

    What to do, can you help me please.

  9. Dear Team,

    this is a nice little game and – once you understand its particularities – is already quite enjoyable. I look forward to see it progressing further, adding some much needed features like the possibility to add better working junctions, crossings and the likes.

    Best regards,

  10. Keep up the good work 😉 This game still needs MUCH MORE improvements but you can make it PERFECT! 😉

  11. Since the update, I have just problems with Train Fever on my Mac:
    Yesterday I just had the fully black screen when loading a saved game (from before the update), I could only get our of it with forced quit of the game. Starting a new game was possible and run smoothly.
    Today the game even crashed when loading, starting a new game is still working.
    Hope you’ll fix it soon!
    Oh, one more thing: The simulation speed is dropping to almost zero when one of those animated messages is opening in the lower centre (b.e.: vehicle to old, replace). Would it be possible to choose a simpler display for these (not animated or at least not growing/zooming when opening)?

  12. How do I download the update? Bought the game via steam on my mac last week and still havent been able to play because it crashed as soon as i start the game. Does the update address this? Can you send me a link or something to download it, or is it automatic? In which case, it still crashed.

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