Train Fever at Tokyo Game Show

From Thursday until Sunday (September 18 – 21), part of the Train Fever team will be at the Tokyo Game Show.

We would be very happy to welcome everyone at booth 2-C10 in the General Exhibition Area. Train Fever can be played there and the team will be ready to answer questions.


Press is invited to schedule meetings for interviews. To do so, please send an email to info AT and suggest a meeting time.

The game will be translated into Japanese until then. However, to our knowledge, there is no mod for the famous Japanese Shinkansen train so far 😉


Therefore, we invite all modders to model one of those great trains. If one of you achieves to model such a train please post a link here when done. The best train will be awarded with a surprise gift. There is plenty of information about adding new trains to the game available in the internet. One very nice introduction can be found here. A great place for getting information about mods is

As already announced, we will provide documentation and tools for mods in the future. However, first we need to care about support and fix all known issues.

Finally, let us emphasize that development continues and you can expect new patches and updates in this week.

About Tokyo Game Show
The Tokyo Game Show (東京ゲームショウ Tōkyō Gēmu Shō), commonly known as TGS, is a video game expo / convention held annually in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan. It is presented by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

25 thoughts on “Train Fever at Tokyo Game Show

  1. Great direction for game. Cheers , hope u guys keep taking care of the game in future as well.

  2. I was actually gonna get around to making a Shinkansen modded series when I get the basics on modeling. Good to see some competition though, I suppose! 😉

  3. Here’s hoping someone gets one in, it’d be neat to see an exotic HST next to the TGV’s and the ICE’s !

    Does the ‘contest’ only run until the 21st? If so, I’m afraid you might not get THAT many efforts..

  4. I’m little upset there is no english teamspeak , when I go to german one they Do NOT talk to me or any of my friends who use my teamspeak who play train fever, the english speaking players are ignored there.

  5. @maetel, this is not correct! We have many english-talking people, and we talk to each but you constantly talk between us and interrupting our conversations!

  6. Plz come to G-Stars in Pusan, South Korea! Opening at November 20th to 23rd. Korea also has lots of “Train games” fans! 🙂

  7. Dear Urban Games!

    Up yours! Not only that your game is still full of bugs and design flaws and has a mediocre usability despite you got it financed via crowdfunding AND already released it, you go marketing it somewhere and hope that community contributions will make it more attractive on that market. And then you add a twinker smiley, like “this was a joke, we do not truely mean it that way”. Damn truely you mean it that way. Although the state your game was released in was a joke, this joke here has its truth in it. And you know why is that? Because you are unprofessional from A to Z. In game design, in programming, communications and public relations. It is totally your business and yours only, if you dream of this game uniting all train and transport game and virtual model train enthusiasts, yielding a big, flourishing, active and creative community, whichs contributes its part to what may make this game be the true a dream can become. And make you wealthy and reputable as a sideeffect. But what is not your business only, is that you have to deliver on your end. You got the financing, and the sales, and instead of asking it would be wise to – by fixing this game – deliver, deliver and deliver, unless you made it up.
    So shut up, read the bug reports and feature requests (the justified feature requests, which would fix the design flaws), downgrade the status of the game to early access, sit your snotty asses down behind your dev machines and start working again.

    You stink!

    • Sooo many tears.. and soooo much hate.

      I don’t agree with you.
      And the devs are working on fixing bugs.

    • Dear Exasperated Vendee

      Thanks for your honest opinion. The game is certainly not full of bugs and design flaws, but yes, there are some problems and there are some features missing. That’s the case with every new game. We are aware of that, and you can be assured that we’re giving our best to fix the remaining problems.

      Regarding the Tokyo Game Show visit, that’s something we planned several months ago and couldn’t just be cancelled. But even during this time, development does not stop. For example, we plan to release another update later today.

      And yes, of course we read your comments. We’ve been reading all the comments ever since this project had been launched. That’s why the game has turned out pretty well, even though there just wasn’t enough time to make it perfect (yet).

      • Dear Urban Games!
        You are professional in dealing with flaming user comments. I give you that. I am sorry about the cursewords and insults. My opinion about the game did not change though. But if you keep working on it, and fix it and improve it, it is going to be great. Because you did a great job so far. The game looks good. On the other hand that are too many ifs for a full release. To me it is still late early access.

        Good Luck

  8. And you will read my comments on steam as well. So you can imagine, how it would look, if you delete them here.

  9. stepke

    this what I was told by one of my players, they talk out of turn sometimes and I have told them
    wait for the other people to stop talking then asked your question

  10. Hi Urban Games.

    At first I really love the game so far, regards of the few bugs. But I was wondering what are the plans for the long run? Is the game final as it is, regarding the issues which some of us face?

    Or are there also plans to add new functionality to the current game. Or will new functionality be available by a DLC?



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