Train Fever now available for Mac and Linux

Starting today, Train Fever can also be played on Mac OS X and Linux systems.


Existing Windows players can install the game on Mac and Linux systems as well. New players always buy the game for all platforms.

We are excited that Train Fever is now available for all major platforms. In the next days, we focus on improving the game as announced in the “Post release plans” update.

37 thoughts on “Train Fever now available for Mac and Linux

  1. What about the Steamcloud? I played it on Windows, but can’t access my savegame now with the Linux version :/

      • That’s not quite the point. Steam Cloud should provide for automatic saving and sharing between computers where you have the game installed, on your account.

        Save games are large however and perhaps that’s a reason why there’s no Steam Cloud support for savegames?

        Hopefully in some future update – but first let’s please fix station upgrades, and plain crashing on startup! 😉

        • Mac – Yourmac -> Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> userdata -> XXXX(your steam id number) -> 304730 -> local -> save

          Don’t know about linux, sry.

    • That’s a good one. I fear not. I bought it on Steam, I can play now, but the game is nowhere on my Mac, neither is there any other file that has any connectiiont with TrainFever. The only thing that was installed on my Mac was, the app you need to go to the Steam site where you can play the game, so We had to pay 25 euro just for the little app and the right to play, nothing more, nothing less.

      I am very disappointed. It even does not work that well either. f.i. how to tilt the screen when there is no mousewheel on an Apple mouse.

      • That is an unfortunate limitation all Apple users face in most games. My best advice is to go get a mouse with a scroll wheel. (that’s what I did) Also installing Steam games on Osx installs just an icon but it also creates folders just like in the widows version in your “programming files” folder. As for where this folder is… I can’t remember but its in library… I think

  2. Cant change game resulution on iMac once you set it to lowest. the resolution box is just gone.

    Please fix

  3. always crashing when i start a new game (and click on “start”).

    MBP 15” mid-2012 on Apple thunderbolt display 27” with MacOS X 10.10

    • Mine crashes 9 times out of 10 but when I get it do start it actually runs very well.

      Savegames aren’t loading either 9 times out of 10…

    • Mine crashes 9 times out of 10 but when I get it do start it actually runs very well.

      Savegames aren’t loading either 9 times out of 10…

      Mac Book Air 13″ (mid-2013) 8GB Ram i7

  4. I bought Your game on Steam. I run MacBook Pro on 2GHZ i7 with 16 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 3000. When I choose New Game > Start, game suddenly crashes. That happens on all settings for resolution types with low elements. What can I do? Help!

  5. The game is full of bugs for MAC, crashes all the time and cannot get past the new game loading screen, tested on 3 different mac machines, very poor for a new game release

  6. Congratulations on the release and thank you!
    Runs on my ubuntu 14.04, my year 2000 medium map game is quite laggy though, maybe 10 fps or less, with micro freezes. I know it’s a work in progress, looking forward the incoming improvements. Keep up the good work!

  7. Like others have reported, the Mac build just crashes when generating a new map! 🙁

    Build 4262 Mac 64 Bit, MacOS version 10.9.4

    I noticed also that it is not possible to select text in text-boxes by double-clicking and that cmd-A to select all text doesn’t work either.

    • Text selection is also not available in windows. You cannot even move the cursor or ctrl+backspace to clear word by word. All you can do is to remove last character with backspace or type new content at the end.

  8. The Linux release seems to be 64-bit only. Any chance to get a 32-bit release, so I can run it on my 32-bit Ubuntu… Ok, I could also just install the 64-bit Ubuntu…

    In any case you could improve the messaging: If you start the game from steam on 32-bit Ubuntu, just nothing happens. There should be some indication on what’s the problem is.

    • I had the same problem with Xcom, I installed 32 bit Ubuntu specifically as I remembered that’s what steam supported… turns out the game was 64 bit.
      Do a reinstall if you can 🙂 people were saying it for so many years but 64 bit is indeed here at least. You’ll need it for other stuff as well.

  9. Any comments on which hardware is required to play this (with decent FPS) on Linux? Any hope for my Radeon HD 6870 and Phenom II 955 BE?

    • It should work but not well. Some optimizations are required. I have i5-2400 and 6770 and it’s quite low fps, not at first in 1850 but near to 2000 it gets kinda slow, didn’t measure but it feels like about 15 fps with micro freezes.

  10. Seit dem Update läuft das Spiel bei mir auf dem Mac. Schön gemacht – ein würdiger TTD Nachfolger, auch wenn hier und da noch viel Arbeit auf euch wartet. 🙂

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