Train Fever officially released!

After a long development journey we are excited that Train Fever is now officially available on Steam and in retail stores in the German speaking world!

First and most important, we would like to express a huge thank you. The community (crowdfunding supporters and beta testers in particular) did a great job and without all the support, feedback, suggestions and challenging questions, Train Fever would not be on the current level. We have learned a lot by carefully listening to all of you.

Here is the official release trailer:

For those that want to see game-play please see the YouTube videos here.

For everyone who is not used to transport simulation games please find here a very good interactive guide for the game.

If you are thinking about buying and playing Train Fever, follow this link:

We look forward to providing updates and improvements for the game also in the future!

33 thoughts on “Train Fever officially released!

  1. Just installed it, gonna play later today for the first time 🙂

    Really hoping multiplayer won’t be too far in the future, I even convinced my brother to play but he’s not interested as long as it’s single player only.

    • You know where I can get that my doubts because the steam can not, and this developer seems to have a central support

  2. Just curious, for those of us who pre-ordered the game and are getting the games soundtrack as part of the pre-order, where do we get the soundtrack? I’m installing the game now, looking forward to playing it later.

  3. Hey there! In the folder where you installed the game (depends on which version, for Steam it’s probably “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Fever”) you will find a folder called ‘Preorder Special Content’. In that folder you will find the soundtrack in *.mp3 format.

  4. I wish I could play the game. I preordered it but it won’t start no matter what I made a post about it in support forum but no response so far.

    • Well, that’s a major bummer 🙁

      Was hoping to share the fun with as many people as possible 🙂

      I hope you get it working soon!

  5. Lovely soundtrack by the way, and a great game! Just took my first choo choo for a test drive.

    Couple of points:

    Ambient Occlusion really EATS my performance. I never had any form of AO in any game cause this much of a performance drop, I think it should be optimized and possibly be replaced by a less resource-intensive version (other games can do this, even though it might look less precise, better than having to turn it completely off).

    Performance is allrightish, large drops when rotating the camera but it settles and frame rate goes back up after a second or two. However, mouse input is tied to the frame rate, which is very annoying. This means that when the game runs 15 fps, the mouse cursor also moves at 15 fps (causing me to often lose track of the cursor). Comparable games do not have this problem (game might run 15 fps, but mouse cursor always stays smooth). Please take a look at this.

    LOD balancing. I have to put the Geometry Detail (LOD) to low to get playable performance so that I do not lose track of the cursor. Some trees are very ugly this way and only show their high detailed version at very close range, yet other trees remain detailed from quite a distance.

    Scrolling by touching the edge of the screen does not work on spots where there’s an overlay (such as the menu in the upper right corner and the options in the lower left corner). Would be great if there was a setting that could disable edge scrolling-restrictions (so that it always works, even when hovering over a menu or overlay).

    I just know I’m gonna be playing this too often. Bye bye life 🙂

    Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 3800MHz
    RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX 1333MHz 7-7-7-20
    Videocard: AMD Radeon HD6950 2GB (840/1275MHz)
    Motherboard: Asus M4A88T-M
    Sound: Onboard VIA HD Audio
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Display: Dell 2209WA
    Input: Logitech G400s mouse (1000Hz), generic keyboard
    Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200 RPM 1TB

  6. Hi, I have preorderd Train Fever via Humble Bundle but I did not get any key to download the game and when I try to redeem my key it says Train Fever does not exist on Humble Bundle. Please help.

    • My copy is scheduled to arrive monday/tuesday unfortunately. Not sure where it needs to ship for your location, but mine is The Netherlands.

      Very unfortunate that it’s after the weekend… Can’t wait!

  7. Congratulations with the release. Played it for a couple of hours and it looks amazing! Great game!

  8. Is there a release-date or beta-testing planned for the mac version? And if so, how long would it be from now, estimated? Really looking forward to be able to play it with better settings due to parallels!

  9. I got this game as a birthday present and I’m already enjoying it so much! It still needs a little bit of polishing up but it’s a brilliant game nontheless guys, very good job!

  10. I agree with Kanti, when can we see a Mac version?
    I’d buy it in a heartbeat!
    Game looks amazing! Really looking forward to playing.

  11. I am not impressed reasons why not:

    Game very sluggish
    No Objectives, only achivements.
    Too many errors
    Tutorial very very bad.
    Menu what menu

    I am a big Transport giant, Industrial giant, Simcity, Train tycoon fan which were and still is very good. This game is on the right track but need much much more.

    Overall i am a bit disappointing in the game.

    Will give it chance to grow.
    My personal opinion not worth 34$, and also get the feeling the game is still in beta face, and need much much more fine tuning.

    Well lets hope for the best.

    • If your game is sluggish, it is prolly because its very GPU dependent. Big thing that seemed to help me was closing down individual vehicles pop-up boxes (the ones that bring up a camera on the vehicle). When I buy more than 3 vehicles the fps crawls.

  12. just downloaded it on steam, it wont let me start it :((( already reinstalled it and same again…
    “Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)”

    • I had the same problem. It is the antivirus (mine is avg free) that thinks that trainfever.exe is a virus. Deactivate your antivirus and make a “verify cache integrity”: on the steam app, right click on the game train fever, click proprieties and look for “verify cache” or something like that. it is much faster than downloading everything again. hope they’ll fix this virus problem.

  13. Congratulations with the release!
    But! Played for two hours and was disappointed! There are many reasons, but write them no longer makes sense. I can only say that the most disappointing is time speed. Loading of coal in two cars going for six months. Then train rides thirty days at the station for unloading. And it is on the road, which is approximately equal to a length of 30 such trains… It is outside of reality, even for game
    But I must admit that the graphics and the construction of roads I was impressed!
    And I still hope that you will be able to make the gameplay more realistic! 🙂

    ps: developers should test OpenTTD

  14. I’m really enjoying the game. The graphics are fantastic and I love the track lying and ground modification. It’s a bit difficult to make a bridge over the railway as the engine wants to built an embankment for such short distances. But it is doable.

    On the time scale, it’s a game, it is not intended to be realistic. In Railroad Tycoon it took months, sometimes years for trains to reach their destination. Train Tycoon’s time compression is modeled on Railroad Tycoons. It works well.

  15. Was occupied yesterday, but today I downloaded it from Steam and played it all evening! I like this game so much! It looks great, I like the whole concept and finally it runs on my PC! There is a lot to explore and to figure out, but I know I will play this game for a long time!
    For me it is a dream coming true! Thanks to the Developers so much! On my machine all runs smooth with highest resolution and detail level, I am fine with it. There are some things to tweak and to polish, and to add some more features, but I am very confident that all of those things will come by time!
    It is definitely worth its price, because by buying it supports the Devs!
    Once I am familiar with it, I will check out the mods and also will go deeper into the tech of mod creation, too.

    (And of course I could not wait, so now I have got a reason to fire up my Windows for a few days before I will make the switch to the Linux version on the 11th! :O) )

  16. Very excited to be consumed this weekend by the game.

    Can you fix your wordpress on the forums? I’m unable to register (email never seems to make it) although if I try to retrieve the password I get a “()mail error” that seems to be a known problem with a fix.

    I’d love to able to help identify bugs and provide general feedback, unless ya’ll actively check the steam forums.

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