Train Fever 40% off, nominated for games award and featured in TV

Until November 20, 19:00 (CET), Train Fever is available as a Steam daily deal 40% off:

We are very happy that Train Fever was nominated in the category Best Strategy Game at the German Developer Award 2014:


Also, note that the Swiss national TV featured the game in a news show. For those of you speaking German (or even better Swiss-German ;)), please find the TV report here:

Finally, we wanted to let you know that development continues and new game updates will be released soon.

8 thoughts on “Train Fever 40% off, nominated for games award and featured in TV

  1. Congratulations for the nomination!

    It’s also great you got featured on Swiss TV. Unfortunately as a German native speaker it’s very hard for me understand the spoken words. Seems like it’s easier for Swiss-German speaking to speak standard German rather than the other way around. 😉

  2. Gruzei mittenand. About as far as my Swiss German goes! But it sounds so lovely.

    Many congratulations on well deserved exposure, and ‘merci’ for a great and improving game.

  3. I am pleased to know that this game is doing well and exited for the upcoming patches.

  4. Cooli Sach Jungs.

    Im MEKS war ich früher auch oft mit meinem Grossvater. Da hat die Anlage aber komplett anders ausgesehen.
    Macht weiter so mit euerm Spiel. Es ist echt toll!

  5. Congrats for the Nomination.

    Have you put a thought for a release on (don’t like Steam)

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