USA DLC to be released in February 2015

Today we officially announce a first Train Fever DLC. The DLC will be available for free in February 2015 and will include more than 50 typical American locomotives, train cars, buses, streetcars and trucks.


But it’s not only vehicles: When starting a new game, players can choose whether to play in a European or American environment then. Terrain, vegetation and towns will look different dependent on the player’s choice as well.

At the same time, modding capabilities will be extended. We will not only reduce the number of currently hard-coded implementation parts, but also improve the handling of mods in general: Mods can then be activated or deactivated in-game and save games will remember which mods are active.

We have observed the modding scene (especially on during the last months and we are absolutely excited by the huge amount of great content created there. Because we are not able to model all vehicle by ourselves and because many modders like to contribute, we have decided to involve the modding scene in the development of the USA DLC. Therefore we officially invite all modders to take part here.

This said, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2014 was an amazing year for us and you can be sure that we won’t stop listening to the community, developing new features and improving the game also in 2015.

58 thoughts on “USA DLC to be released in February 2015

  1. Fantastic news!!! Thank you so much for this surprise Christmas gift. TrainFever is getting better and better and you guys are the best.

    Really looking forward to this.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. wow a free DLC in 2015…. are you guys crazy 😉

    thanks for all the hard work and my favourite game in 2014

    keep up the good work and merry christmas

  3. This sounds cool, hopefully some more Americans can get attracted to Train Fever with this update; TF could really use some new publicity!

    I wish you luck when putting this all together, plus a very merry Christmas!

  4. The main connection feature bomb game back to stone age. If you keep it on, no matter how many DLC – the game is not playable.

    • It doesn’t bother me in the least, and it makes sense that you can’t just tear up existing infrastructure. Just build a bypass with bridges, or just use level crossings.

      I understand how this is bothering a very vocal minority of players, but I think the devs are well aware of that. Are you sure you want to repeat the same complaint everywhere?

      • I often remove the road and build newer, better ones because I want to use the previously used space. I just want to optimize the bad existing road – so I remove it. The message is disturbing then.

  5. Nice 🙂

    While I have nothing against regions, do have an option for an World map where every vehicle is available.

  6. The modding capabilities are great news, but the american vehicles..meh…u should rather make more european ones to fill the gaps

    • I think they just can’t speak russian and since your page is only russian they can’t read it.

  7. Alex, your mods are amazing and crucial to my gameplay 🙂

    to devs:
    Make sure that:
    *rail-crossings are worked out
    *make some sort of improvement for your “main-connection feature”. Most players hate it.
    *make sure that you can choose to play with all the trains available. US and EU trains.

    Great news, and merry christmas!

  8. Looks great. Happy holidays and keep up the good work guys! Great game. Today i’ve been playing for like 7 hours by now. Addicting 😉

  9. Wow. Russian modding site exists, German modding site is there, but no English modding site in sight. Hilarious :))))))))))))) .

  10. Awesome news indeed. Hope there is a way that we can combine the vehicles into one game to have a huge selection of fleet.

  11. Merry Christmas to developers and all the good people here!

    It’s very nice to see new content being added to TF. But, I think TF is getting very DayZ alike, adding stuff while not fixing fundamental gameplay issues. While DayZ is in alpha, TF is realased as full game with qiute a number of issues.

    Dear developers: since your team is small for a big game that TF is now and it’ll grow in future, I think you should put all your efforts into fixing issues with gameplay mechanics first. Only with good platform you can count on modders and fans which then add that magical soul part to the game. Alpha is for content adding, beta for bug fixing, and your game is neither of that on the paper. I beleive many of us players would gladly pay for your DLC only if they know you’ll improve weak parts of the game. Euro Truck Simulator is good example of how it’s successfully done.

    • If you read the dev’s post – they specifically mention changing the core engine to allow more internal components to be modded. What fundamental gameplay issues? Track crossings and connecting roads are not fundamental game-play issues. The game play is great. I’ve yet to encounter a single bug.

      Keep up the great work devs!

      • Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing this game too, spent over 200 hours in it, in fact this is first city/ transport builder game I play and like since SimCity 4.
        What TF needs is optimisation. That’s fundamental, 4.6 GHz i7, R9 290 machine should run it with more than 15 FPS. It’s forgivable since it’s not FPS, but it needs to be improved. Traffic congestion blocking your lines is another problem, although not fundamental. It might add to realism, but there must be other ways than upgrading/ downgrading road to fix it. Developers said that this will be partly resolved with traffic redirection to lighter traffic roads, so it’s a good way to go. UI usability is another thing to work on. Railroad laying, collisions and city growth also needs work.
        What my point is, improve what you already have and then add content – paid DLC is OK with me. And optimize the game.

  12. At first wheni read about dlc i thought that it is payware and i was completely accepting it.
    But 50 locos for free us really a treat.

  13. Ich kann auf Train Fever verzichten so lange das Grundspiel nicht richtig läuft ( Ruckler ohne Ende ) . Was sollen hier DLC´s ? So lange die Performance immer wieder einbricht. Wieso wird nicht zuerst an der Basis geschraubt? Mein PC : Mainboard ASUS Z 87, Grafikkarte ASUS GTX 770, Win 7, 64 bit, 16Gb Ram, Intel i 7470 K 3,5 GHz. Train Fever ist für mich unspielbar! Was soll diese DLC-Politik? ?Schöne Grüße aus Aachen und frohe Festtage

      • Yeah, it is going to be free (if that’s what you asked, my German isn’t perfect ;P):

        ”Do I get paid when my vehicle is released with the DLC?
        Please note that the DLC will be available for free. Unfortunately we cannot pay modders, but we list all modders of included vehicles in the game credits (these will be added to the game when releasing the DLC).”

  14. This is awesome, even if it was a payware dlc I would still get it, but the fact that it is free makes everyone’s Christmas the best yet, I wonder if there would be a UK Trains dlc in the future, that one I would definitely get!

  15. Some of us Americans are already die-hard Train Fever fans, but this just sweetens the deal. Hopefully Amtrak’s workhorse F40PH will make an appearance.

  16. I’m very much looking forward to seeing to the expanded modding capabilities. Will it be possible to modify the pax and cargo destination models, and map generation factors such as factory and town placement?

    It would be great if modders could write mods that provide different transport requirements, such as a small percentage of passengers that are willing to travel for longer periods of time to reach leisure destinations (e.g., 60 minutes instead of the current 20) to make long distance rail more interesting. Or a different distribution of factories on the map combined with an altered cargo destination model, e.g., several forests but only one or two sawmills, with a cargo model that mostly removes the time limit from transporting wood to encourage infrequent large hauls of logs over long distances.

    • It’s a method to get around licensing issues and having to pay for featuring licenced material in their game. The same reasoning caused the BR103 to appear as the Class 103.1 owned by the ‘Train Company SH’ and the TGV to appear as the TFV. It’s also the reason the ICE 3 (a train I can only recommend, amazing work by the modder that made it) was delayed so long, Deutsche Bahn wanted to talk to the modder and see if their rights weren’t infringed.

      That said, I hope the Americans will be eager to introduce their own Amtrak skin, I’d love to see some US Material. The sooner we have the globe represented, the better!

    • Same is with the DB (Deutsche Bahn) logo the SBB (Schweizer Bundesbahn) logo on the train skins, which are replacet with TF. All about copyright.

  17. It is most probably the rights to use the names. It would cost the developers either too much to get them or they would not be allowed to full stop. Therefore better to come up with your own that are similar to the originals 🙂

  18. heh guys I must say it is a very disapointing situation: we’ve made the second popular TF fan-site in the world and the most popular in East Europe, but You always forgot us as always(

    Meanwhile I’m converting GM TDH-3610 in game and making PCC streecars (prewar and postwar standart Sent-Luis cars), wich could be used in You DLC!

    p.c. I’m Hawthorn, maker of Tatra T3 and 71-605 mods

  19. Would be good news IF the basic game worked well. You can keep your `free` locos, scenery, etc. Fix the game core FIRST, then we can actually use extra content. As the game is right now, 100years of gameplay and even on a small map, the game grinds to a halt on all but the most powerful PC’s.

  20. before adding stuff:
    -balance/fix the game
    -add less germey stuff(good you doing now with US but now its just US&germey stuff need more worldwide not just from 2 places) (look also on modders on this one since so saw only germey trains mostly i have seen as mods)
    -Rail Crossing so alot more track layout gets possible
    -maybe 3 switch track so trains can go 3 ways instead of just 2 (it was possible in Transport tycoon/In real life/locomotion so should also be here)
    -(mainly to the fans of this game who making sites):
    what about make a Full English fan site instead of Russian/germey speaking one
    so more ppl worldwide can join this game as we all know google translate is not very good
    this game has for some reason only focused on people playing these type of game in germey only
    this game might aswell be in germey language(only) aswell

    • also mine posts is not meant to be taken as hate posts
      since i like the game and its mods
      but still the games(even after this will be released) will still feel unfinished becuase of the
      missing stuff such as Rail X crossing
      an Basically trains/trams/busses/trucks from Germey(only 5% rest is outside germey)
      and even with this DLC it will not make it feel less Only in Germey
      a game like this(mainly after a Game like this have not been made in years worldwide) should have stuff worldwide i mean this game if not only focused on germey could have become as known as Simcity/transport tycoon/locomotion
      and again (mainly looking at modders here) just becuase you are from germey does it not mean you only can do Germey trains mods
      i mean im from denmark and if i was good at make Not Toon-ish 3d models i would possible make trains from all round the world (possible 1 from denmark but thats it)
      i mean take a look on Lego Train sets they dont look like a Danish train at all
      but lego is from Denmark as a example

      • Sorry to interrupt here, but I think you are wrong! The “vanilla” game contains not only German trains, in fact most of them are actually Swiss, the TGV (TFV) is French and the A4 Mallard is very British. Now they add some US-trains, meaning there will be trains from 5 different nations. Also, when you criticize the mods for their “Germany only” content, you are wrong again. There are a lot of train mods from the Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and USA. Even some from Norway, Sweden, UK, Italy etc… I see that you are eager to see some danish trains, but remember all the modders are producing those models in their free time for the community and for free! Also the fan sites are provided free of charge and at least the “german” one provides a english menu, so everyone can find the download area or the discussion forums. Nobody prevents you there from asking a question in english and most probably it will be answered in english. I don’t see your criticism justified here, but I’d like to invite you to take the initiative and build your own fan forum or learn how to modify the game. I hope you see my point here…

  21. Any chance for an ‘Acerola’ Express as well?
    Might as well get the High Speed Train in as well instead of just the mainline stuff.

    • The vehicle list we’ve shown you is just the one we would like to see done by our great modding community. We’re going to add a few vehicles from our team as well. We’re keeping it a secret for now, but you’ve already got three of them in the teaser image.

    • The Acela is almost certainly going to be included, as it is currently the only US high speed train (until when/if the California high speed line is done)

      I’m hoping that one of the 4-6-4 J3a streamliners are included, those were some of the most beautiful locomotives in history.

  22. WOW. Just, WOW!
    Free DLCs? Omg fuck you Train Simulator 😀
    I completely love this game. And it’s makers obviously 😀

  23. Is there some sneakpreview? of the features that will come available with the DLC?

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