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There is no doubt that early game you can run one factory out to all 7 cities on a small map.  Central location is preferred for this.   No trains needed, you can run horse’s and make it work.    Just have a good road network.

It is counter productive to have 2 oil wells feed one refinery.   However, there are no issues running 3 oil wells to 3 refineries.   Not sure where you heard it was a bad idea to run more then one of the same type of factory.  But let me assure you, it is false.

My current game I got real real lucky, I have an oil refinery up north, middle and south.   I ran the one in the middle until it reached 380 production.   Running to all 7 cities, then opened a new one for 2 north cities.   When the 1st one reached 350 goods used, I opened the one in the south.

All 3 factories are running great, my cities are having insane growth at the moment.  🙂