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Hi Douglas, I’m aware of that blog post, but that’s not quite what I’m describing. In that post the devs seem to be saying that if there’s no route, or no easy route between A and B that agents will use their own means (presumably private vehicles) for transport.

They’ve also described that if we build a station at, say, the Northern side of a town and we want the people on the Southern edge to use it that we may have to build bus/streetcar/lorry services to connect the station to the rest of the town.

What I’m describing is that the AI would be able to bridge that gap by creating those intra-town services, basically to make a profit from my station. We’d have a symbiotic, rather than competitive, relationship. You could even have towns that already have an AI-run tram or bus service but no rail, which would give you an incentive to place a station there.

So the AI would:

  • Not create or operate any rail services
  • Not create or operate any inter-town services
  • Prefer to place stations/stops near player rail stations in order to benefit from freight and passengers moving through those stations
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