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I too have this performance problem, to the point of the game becoming unplayable on a large map and the later stages of the game.

It runs somewhat smooth while being paused, but once I unpause it’s close to unplayable slow and stuttering.

I was living with that when another problem started: At almost every month’s end the game freezes up 1 min so far!!! (up to two mins with the new patch : (  ) Important here also is that while it is frozen, if I click or try to minimize the game and do something else in the mean time it crashes with the following information:

Faulting application name: TrainFever.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54776992
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18247, time stamp: 0x521eaf24
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000027b0b
Faulting process id: 0x214
Faulting application start time: 0x01d0125c5cd1b112
Faulting application path: X:\GAMES\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Train Fever\TrainFever.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
Report Id: 91f8bc10-7e69-11e4-a0c0-005056c00008

The program TrainFever.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: 788
Start Time: 01d012d0f8f06fd0
Termination Time: 1093
Application Path: X:\GAMES\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Train Fever\TrainFever.exe
Report Id: 54a97556-7ed3-11e4-a0c0-005056c00008

My computers resources are being barely used. Only two of my eigth threads (Quad Core, 8 threads) are being fully used. My GPU also is bored, being used MORE during the Game minimized that during play^^

Hardware: Intel 3770K, AMD R9 290, 16 GB RAM


Also, since the new Patch 4831/4820 my stdout.txt keeps growing (about 14 mb after 40 mins of playing) with the following line being repeated:


d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\game\engine\glcontext.cpp:302: GL error 0x502


Also during the freezes the stderr.txt likes to give the following information repeatetly back:

d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\lib\cgashape\splitter.cpp:30: Verification of `m_fSumAbs <= m_fSize + EPS’ failed (27.75 > 27.001).
d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\game\procedural\buildings\buildingtyperep.cpp:296: Verification of `false’ failed.
d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\game\transport\path_util.cpp:48: Verification of `dist > .0f’ failed (-1.62423e-006 <= 0).
d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\game\procedural\buildings\buildingtyperep.cpp:296: Verification of `false’ failed.
d:\urban\steam_build_x64\release\src\game\procedural\buildings\buildingtyperep.cpp:296: Verification of `false’ failed.


So for me too, a performance update is quite needed to be able to continue enjoying train fever : /

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