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Another few options / things I would like to see, which may bring me back to playing the game.

Add a new settings option for Civ Simulation Level. This would no doubt be of huge benefit

High: Civ’s 10,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 100% (as it is now)
Medium: Civ’s 5,000. Scale of Ticket Prices – 200%
Low: Civs 2,500. Scale of Ticket Prices – 400%

Also scaling the building populations too. Basically ‘sim city style number fudging’ but player controlled for performance reasons.

Display PIP more intelligently:

Vehicle replacement notifications – remove the popup window or at least que them so they don’t all pop up at once killing the performance.

A single vehicle info window which is reused when you select another vehicle, with the ability to ‘pin’ one so it can remain open and exclusive if the player desires.

Buying multiple vehicles not to open multiple vehicle info windows, don’t open any.

PIP causes major drops in performance, so the above three would help a lot.

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