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Yes, I would also like to know, if there is something being prepared. Please, devs, can you tell us? I don’t have such a good computer as the guy above, but I’m somehow able to play more HW demanding games. This game is just wonderful regardless to all its issues, but it is not funny with lags since my biggest town has 600 inhabitants on the middle sized map. Maybe you could add an option to turn off the people and cars in the streets. The gamers with powerful PCs can have it on, the rest of us can turn it off. Yes, maybe the streets will look a bit dull then, but I’d rather take a lagless ride on my train than watch crowds in the streets.

Dear developers, show us, that you are not ignoring this forum and tell us, if you are planning a higher performance, so even people with older computers can play large maps until 2200 and so.