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From how the game works, upgrading roads between cities wouldnt be a good idea, since a better road travel time would mean less passengers on your trains. i m not all too sure about this though. one time i tried to remove a road between two cities in order to see the effect it would have on my trains. it didnt seem to have an effect at all though. (which would be good in a way, since it s kind of an exploit)

to answer your question though: in situations where a road upgrade means travelling from town A to B is reduced to less than 20 minutes, i guess yes. the question is, how game defines where people go to work/for leisure and whether people from town a will be more likely to work/live in town b given a better infrastructure.

your second question: i d recommend upgrading your streets with tramtracks. traffic will substantially increase during the game

your third question: i destroyed a road to a city once in order to get goods frmo production site a to my train station b. yet production pretty much stopped completely. not too sure why though

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