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Hello, I was thinking about auto-replace again. Well, there are basically two thinks.

1. Continuous replace aged vehicles for the same type
2. Mass upgrade the line with a new type.

Why you should not mixed it up?
The line who mixed up the the type of vehicles with the different speed, suffers by spacing problem.

  • Continuous Auto-replace

It is the On/Off button in the Line dialog. It is be On by the default.When the vehicle turns his age, it finishes delivering current load, then head to the nearest depo.At the moment the vehicle finishes his unloading, the new vehicle leaves the nearest depo.

  • Mass replace by another type

Where we are:
The button in the “Manage Lines” dialog currently sends all the vehicles to the depo immediately. It creates unwanted huge drops of the whole economy. Price of the new vehicles is nothing to compare the loos caused by the dropout. Especially when you replace a raw material delivery line. Raw delivery drops, product line drops subsequently, people travel drops fallows. All the economy shakes by the drops. It is high priority change to eliminate the drops.

What to  do:
Improved functionality “Send to depo” button in the Line dialog of the vehicle window is a must. On the first press on the button labeled “Send to depo” information text says “Delivering current cargo than heading to depo” . The vehicle finishes the current delivery then heads to the depo. After the click, the label on the button changes to “Sent to depo now !” you could click it second time and get an immediate message “Heading to the depo now.The second time, the vehicle gets the order to do immediate direction to depo.So the current functionality of the button, is available on second click.

This functionality of double action “Send to depo” button is applied to the mass buttons in the “Manage lines” window. The graphic icons there change after the first click to the versions with exclamation mark on it.

Expected functionality:
The vehicles are replaced by the same type without bothering a player.Upgrading a line consists 30 vehicles to another vehicle type can be done by by few clicks in less than 10seconds without economy drops. One Click on the icon “Send to depo&sell”, One click on the depo,  buy vehicles [ proper amount of clicks] ,  one click attach the line.


Based on my programming/analytical background I guess that this improvement should take 3 hours of programming, 1 hour graphic change of icons. Then 3 hours of tests. Plus one hour for build the patch. Basically one man-day is enough to please the player crowd by the hot fix. Urban games, would you please do that?

Thank for your opinions or improvements,gG

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