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I didnt found how to “Qote &reply” on this forum.

Well, Douglas
I don’t see the need for complication. Vehicle replacement is about vehicle not lines. A button on the vehicle called Replace now is enough. Magically reset the vehicle age, running cost and value.”
This could be a solution, but why we have depots then?  🙂 Maybe add another magical function too, just pres button and horses are transmutated to the new engine car directly on the road. I hope that this game is heading for simulation getting close to reality. Therefore, any magic functions which could be simulated by normal/ real way is not intended.

“Usually in lines there are vehicles with extremely different ages.”
“Also I don’t really replace vehicles when the game tells me to. they are profitable for much longer.”
Correct. When you have 200 cars its pain to do it one by one. Personally, I dont like mikro-management.  What if the auto-replacement button for a line has a selector of age in percentage. This way you can On/off auto replace. When On, set the time scale for replacement. For example change from default  100% to 142%. Then your cars serve longer and finally get replaced without tiresome clicking.“The button can also be right in the vehicles window. Just sort by age and click replace next to the vehicle. Very easy.” Very correct. I think this is the exact place for the button. Here should definitely be the button for comfort replacing the vehicles one by one.

“And most important: REMOVE POP UP ABOUT VEHICLE AGE. That is very annoying and loud and unnecessary. The player should check the age of his fleet from time to time in the vehicle window.”Correct. Although, I would have some information about my vehicles. Maybe a decent information area in the corner? something like in the Counter strike when it tells Who killed Who by small text rolling.