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@LB 20 minute video – yes it could take. however I am not talking about super-professional short move with orchestral music and digital tricks. I am talking about a “Skype-like” chat to the camera. Check the paradox dev diary. – 2 guys in front of a camera with Picture in picture are chatting and showing the unfinished code, the game hangs up sometimes. I think the paradox have a great style, Urban games could go even lower to satisfy and hype-up (cheer-up) the players.

The trick have few game and switch works well – I like Assault Squad for example – also small team, painfully slow development. 😀


Well auto replacement would be great for cars in the first. – althout game name is TRAIN fever – for good economy you usually have vehicles in car:train ratio in about 15:1 .That means a lot of cars(trams).  In this case, nothing special is needed. At the moment the car hit his age,the vehicle switch to – unload only mod, and goes as long as he deliver all the loaded stuff.  At the moment it switches the mode the new car leaves the nearest depo and follow the original route. Easy to program, easy to debug. Nice to watch and close to real.

As far as I remember all the complains for replacement was about cars. Not trains. So, solve the issues as it is no something else.

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  • This reply was modified 9 years, 5 months ago by gGeorg.