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I think if the time scale of the game was lowered, even to 5min per game day instead of 2 seconds, it would allow for the provision of taking time once every 6months to put a train in for servicing as it wouldn’t hurt the passengers or cargo as much. That would also allow for day/night as well, but would require a lot of scaling for money and passengers etc. A depot, or maintenance yard could be put into the route as a “only if necessary” way point, that would be ignored if the vehicle didn’t need servicing at that time. Servicing could take a whole game day to complete, so you would need enough vehicles in the line to cope with servicing.

I’ve always thought that it would be great to have the trains decouple their wagons so that they could turn around on turntables and even go for servicing without all of their wagons attached (Even for turning around at a station, the current method is extremely unrealistic). Maybe a “spare” loco could pick up the wagons while the other went for servicing and became the new “spare”. But that’s another idea altogether and would require a lot of new features including track configurations and turntables.

But, being able to run the train in reverse would allow for zig-zag tracks up hills… 😉

But, my original comment was more about road vehicles or trams anyway; trains are fairly easy to replace because you tend to have a lot less of them, but the idea could work for them anyway.

I wasn’t talking about a super professional video either, I’ve made videos before and to get a watchable video, you need to edit it which is where all the time is spent (also, I could just be terrible at making videos 😛 ). Even a simple video takes a long time to edit and produce, and would take a day out of their schedule, at least. But, I would happily settle for a weekly update in text if they didn’t have time for a video (a video would be better, though).

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