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The main problem with is I can think of is the actual game engine itself. Have you ever tried upgrading your towns roads to larger four lane ones? How many times won’t it let you because of ‘terrain / collision error’ ? I simply don’t think it would work very well here at all. In CIM2, Simcity, etc. you are playing in a fixed time period and you can plan your layout but here, the town has been evolving from a little village since the 1800’s. Can you imagine the difficulties in changing a normal road to a six lane wide avenue? (4 car lanes and 2 center tram lanes) Even the standard 4 lane width (2 tram, 2 car) ould be hard as the standard road cannot be upgraded to 4 lanes most of the time, unless of course, youre happy to buldoze those nice big buildings in your town center.

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